Mathews Bows

Browse through the most commons questions Mathews customers have about Mathews bows. If you do not see your question here, please send your question to us at Mathews Inc.

Does Mathews make left-handed bows in all their models?

Yes, all of our bow models are available in left or right hand models.

Can I get parts on your discontinued bows?

Yes, you can get parts for every bow we’ve manufactured. These parts can be obtained from any authorized Mathews retailer.

I just bought a used Mathews bow, can I get an owner’s manual for it?

Yes, you can obtain a copy of an owner’s manual by going to the Product section of the Mathews website and selecting Manuals which is located here. You can read or print a copy there.

How far down can I adjust my limbs?

All Mathews bow models are different in their limb adjustability. Most Mathews bows can be adjusted down ten pounds off their maximum position, however we do offer bows with more adjustment. Please contact your local authorized Mathews retailer for details on your specific bow model.

Does Mathews make any high-poundage bows?

Yes, the Monster, the Monster 7.0 and the Monster XLR8 are available in 80-pound draw weights.  We also offer the Safari which has 85-pound limb options

I need to change the draw length of my bow, what do I need to do?

You will need to visit an authorized retailer to purchase a new cam in the correct draw length. If your cam is adjustable your maximum adjustment is one inch. For your dual cam McPherson Series Monster bows, your retailer can change your modules to adjust your draw length.

Does Mathews offer any bows for longer draw length shooters (33 and 34-inch)?

Yes, Mathews offers the Prostar that will accommodate draw lengths of 31 to 37 inches with half inch sizes also available as well as the MR8 that accommodates draw lengths to 33 inches

I want to introduce my children to archery, but I don’t want to buy a new bow every time they grow a few inches. What can I do?

The Mathews Genesis is the answer. Its a bow that fits virtually everyone. Its zero let-off design means there are no specific draw lengths. Anybody with a draw length between 15 inches and 30 inches can shoot the bow. So, as kids grow, they won’t outgrow this bow! And, at 20 pounds, the Genesis will shoot an arrow with the speed of a 35-pound recurve! Please visit your authorized retailer to determine the Genesis model that best fits your young archer.  You may also be interested in the Mission Craze.

Which bow is recommended for the beginning archer and how can the draw length be increased when necessary?

Several of our bow models could be a good choice for beginners. The Ignition is our premier youth bow, while the Passion is designed specifically for the female shooter. It’s extremely important to visit our authorized retailers to shoot our bows and for more specific bow model options based on the needs of the individual hunter/shooter.

Mission bows may also be a option.  Click here to get more information about Mission Archery.