In 1992, Matt McPherson invented single cam technology and revolutionized the archery industry. Since then, it’s been a fast and furious stream of innovations that have brought the modern compound bow to where it is today. Year after year, our pioneered and patented technology improves bow performance and sets new industry standards.

  • Tech_Crosscentric
    Invented in 2015 – Inspired by NO CAM™ technology, the HALON’s new Crosscentric Cam employs a partially concentric string payout to produce a stealthy draw and consistent accuracy, while delivering speeds up to 353 feet per second.
  • NoCam ST Technology
    Invented in 2014 – NO CAM ST™ Technology utilizes round and concentric string tracks to create a radically smooth draw cycle and straight and level nock travel for superior accuracy.
  • AVS Cam System
    Invented in 2009 – AVS® Cams virtually eliminate the timing issues inherent on most two-cam bows by tying both cams together to create a powerful, smooth system.
  • Solocam
    Invented in 1992 – The technology that put Mathews® on the map. By using one cam and one idler wheel, Mathews® bows took a giant leap in both simplicity and smooth draw.
  • Rock Mods Draw Modules
    Invented in 2014 – Easy to install modules that provide a rock-solid back wall with the added value of custom let-off.
  • GeoGrid Technology
    Invented in 2011 – GeoGrid™ Technology allows Mathews® risers to both be incredibly strong, and incredibly ridgid.
  • Reverse Assist Roller Guard
    Invented in 2009 – The Reverse Assist™ Roller Guard reduces friction for a smoother draw cycle by positioning cables in a reverse manner in front of the rollers.
  • Dead End String Stop
    Invented in 2009 – Easy to install. The Dead End™ String Stop drastically reduces residual vibration and virtually eliminates post-release noise.
  • Harmonic Dampers
    Invented in 2000 – Harmonic Dampers® are tuned to absorb a signicant portion of residual energy while it is still in the bow.
  • Harmonic Stabilizers
    Invented in 2008 – Harmonic Stabilizers® took damping to the next level. Easy to install, they reduce up to 75% more vibration.
  • Perimeter Weighted Cam System
    Invented in 1999 – The addition of an Inertia Disc the outer edge of some Mathews® cams not only creates a smooth take off for a smooth release, but also reduces recoil.
  • Zebra ZS Twist Bow String & Cable
    Invented in 1994 – Twisting two separate bundles of string in opposing directions minimizes rotation to reduce peep sight movement.
  • Zero T Axle
    Invented in 2014 – Our Zero-T™ Axle eliminates excess space in the cam assembly, providing consistent component location for enhanced accuracy.
  • Honeycomb Technology
    Invented in 2010 – Used exclusively on the Mathews® Safari® bow, the Honeycomb Core™ riser conguration is our most rigid riser, designed for bows shooting up to a 80 lb. draw weight!
  • Focus Grip
    Invented in 2010 – The patent pending “focus ridge” optimizes hand placement, and minimizes hand torque by keeping pressure in the center of the grip.
  • Monkey Tails
    Invented in 2009 – Effective string dampening that installs in seconds without a bow press.
  • GridLock Technology
    Invented in 2012 – Our innovative GridLock® cut-out pattern creates a riser that’s lighter, yet structurally stronger.
  • Sphere Lock
    Invented in 2007 – Working in conjunction with the Limb Turret, SphereLock® ensures the limb is locked into place with zero play while being drawn.
  • Quad V-Lock
    Invented in 2009 – The V-Lock® Limb Cup system forces the bow limb into positive and consistent alignment where it is attached to the bow handle for consistent performance.
  • Limb Turret
    Invented in 2006 – With the patented Limb Turret®, the load gets spread out while cradling the limb at the same time, creating a super tough and tight limb to riser connection.
  • Composite Limb System
    Invented in 2006 – Constantly being rened and improved, Mathews® uses state-of-the-art SE Composite material to manufacture all our limbs.
  • ArrowWeb Quivers
    Invented in 2006 – Our ArrowWeb® quivers are extremely lightweight and easy to attach and detach to your bow without loosening and bolts.
  • SpiderClaw Attachment System
    Invented in 2006 – The SpiderClaw® Quick-Twist system makes attaching or detaching a quiver to your bow quick and easy.