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Mother Knows Best!

Today, Matt McPherson is the founder and CEO of Mathews, the largest bow manufacturer in the world. Did you know, Matt's love for bowhunting started with one of his mother's rules? "Mom didn't like guns so if we wanted to hunt, it had to be with a bow," McPherson said. From left to right: Randy McPherson, Cousin Tim Mahoney, Mander McPherson & Matt McPherson at approximately 11 years old.

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Not Your Typical Shop Class (1973)

Matt McPherson and brother Randy somehow convince their junior high and high school shop teachers to let them make bows in class. McPherson later thanked three shop teachers by bringing them and their wives to his Bowhunter Hall of Fame Induction.

IMAGE: Matt McPherson (16) works on his hobby of making bows. "I'm a bow hunter, and I enjoy making them myself. I've learned how to make them better, and I've also made a bow case and a press for making them."

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The Start to an Archery Revolution

Matt McPherson was infatuated with bows and started building them at a very early age. He was approximately six years old when he made his first stick bow and thirteen years old when he made his first compound! In 1973, Matt McPherson submitted the first published recurve compound bow ever. Excerpt from Bowhunter Magazine, December Issue, 1973:

"Dear Sirs:

Enclosed is a picture of a compound bow I made using recurve limbs. I made everything except the cable and bow string. It seems I get more speed out of the recurve limbs than out of straight limbs set at the poundage. I'm interested in knowing if you or some of your readers know of any one else who has a compound using recurve limbs and how it worked for them.

Out of six magazines that come to our house, yours is by far the most interesting. I only wish it was a monthly magazine.

Mathew McPherson"

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McPherson Archery Paves the Way for the High Let-Off Revolution (1985)

Matt McPherson, Founder and CEO, started making recurve and compound bows beginning in the 1970's. Many designs and years later, McPherson decided to take one of his newest innovations, the Inner Cam (patent filed in approximately 1985) and started McPherson Archery. The company was later sold in 1990.

The McPherson Brand paved the way for the High Let-off Revolution. Bows were taken from an average of 50% let-off to a remarkable 75%, making it easier for archers to draw and hold more weight.

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Mathews, Inc. is born! (1992)

Mathews, Inc. is born in Austin, Minnesota with just two employees: Founder Matt McPherson and Joel Maxfield. In addition to a lifelong passion for the sport and boundless energy, McPherson had one major advantage that set Mathews apart from the rest: an invention that would revolutionize the archery industry. His design for single cam technology; the SOLOCAM®, made Mathews bows lighter, faster, quieter and powerfully accurate, thus revolutionizing the archery industry.

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"Solo Cam... the greatest innovation of the nineties!" Greg Tinsley, Petersen's Bowhunting (1992)
  • 1. Less noise
  • 2. Less recoil, vibration
  • 3. No synchronization problems
  • 4. More accurate
  • 5. More forgiving
  • 6. Solid wall
  • 7. Less maintenance (than any 1¾ cam or 2-cam bow, GUARANTEED!)
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A New Industry Standard

The first Mathews bow was fittingly called the Solocam Standard. It wasn't long after the Solocam Standard was introduced to the public that the Solocam became the industry standard.

Read the first ever bow report on the new Solocam Standard by Petersen's Bowhunting.

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One Cam Vs. Two Cams (And the Three Legged Race)

Think of the one cam as an individual runner verses a two cam bow as two runners participating in a three-legged race. Unless the two runners are in perfect sync, which they typically never are, the single runner will always win.

Likewise, the two cams are almost never in perfect synch which causes sharp deviation in the nock point travel path (affecting arrow speed and accuracy) as well as making the bow noisier and more difficult to tune.

With just one cam to "fire," a single cam bow can't go out of synch. You won't have to worry about inconsistent shooting.

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Early Beginnings

Stephen McPherson, current Mathews, Inc. President and wife Rachel started out making bow strings among other various jobs. Like many companies in their infancy, job descriptions were short and to the point: "We do what we need to do to get the work done." That teamwork and dedication is the framework for our company's management philosophy,"People first, business second."

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Mathews 3D Vapor (1993)

The Inventor of Single-Cam System Has An Engineering Marvel, And Mighty Fast! "An archer could fall in love with this little darling!" Technical Editor Emery Loiselle proclaims about the Mathews 3D Hunter.

Read Mathews 3D Vapor Bow Report by Bow & Arrow's Emery Loiselle

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Launching Mathews To The Top (1994)

Simple, clever and effective ads like this one showed magazine readers the advantages of the Solocam and the disadvantages of dual cam bows.

Marketing and advertising played a huge role early on in the success of Mathews, Inc. Mathews advertising had to educate the consumer about technologies never before present and showed consumers why Mathews products were superior to what was currently on the market. Aggressive marketing combined with products that were second to none resulted in Mathews quickly becoming the number one archery company in the world.

Above, Mathews uses different strategies like turning the advertisement to grab the readers attention.

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Mathews pioneers dramatically lighter and shorter bows (1994)

Weighing in at just over 3 lbs., the Z-Light brings a dramatically lighter and shorter bow to the bowhunter in 1994. Not only was the Z-Light lightweight , it was fast! Bows that could double as a boat anchor and were relatively slow in comparison quickly became obsolete.

Read Z-Light Bow Report by Technical Editor Emery Loiselle

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Mathews First Television Commercial (1994)

Travel back in time and watch Mathews' first ever television commercial!

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The First Carbon Cable Guard (1994)

Mathews introduced the first carbon cable guard. It didn't squeak in wet conditions like metal cable guards and was significantly lighter and stiffer, making for an all around better performing cable guard. It wasn't long after competitors followed suit with their versions of Mathews' pioneered carbon cable technology.

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Zebra® ZS Twist Bowstring (1994)

The unique and innovative Zebra ZS Twist Bowstring was created by twisting two separate string bundles in opposing directions of each other, helping to balance the complete bowstring. This minimized string rotation, reducing peep sight alignment problems. Proprietary technologies and processes account for virtually no stretching issues and increase durability compared to other strings. After they were introduced, they quickly turned an item that very few people thought about into a major bow accessory. Consumers started requesting the Zebra string by name.

Today, Zebra Bowstrings are trusted by top Professional archers and have won over $8,000,000 in tournament victories... far more than any other string!

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Celebration at Mathews (1994)

September - Mathews, Inc. hits the One Million Dollar mark in sales for 1994 with three months to go! The Solocam is quickly gaining ground. Matt and Stephen McPherson celebrate with employees.

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Just One Cam, Just 3¾ Pounds! 300 FPS 83% Let off (1995)

This super light, super fast, high let-off bow becomes a hit with treestand hunters everywhere. As a result, shorter faster bows become the industry norm.

Read Mathews Ultra Light by Bowhunting World's Norb Mullaney

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Even Tiller, Dual Feed Single Cam (1995)

In the fall of 1995, Mathews introduced the Feather Light. It featured the ProCam, the first single cam with even tiller.

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July 8th, 1995 Ground Breaking (1995)

Construction begins on Mathews' new facility in Sparta, WI

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Mathews Grand Opening (1995)

December 2nd, 1995 Mathews, Inc. relocates to Sparta, WI.

Mathews Inc. and 30 of 39 employees move to a new location in Sparta, Wisconsin, a true testament to their faith in McPherson's vision for the company. Their new facility was an enormous 12,400 square feet. Joel Maxfield, Vice President of Marketing, recalls thinking, "If we ever produce enough bows to utilize 'all this space,' we will truly be an amazing company."

Fast forward another 15 years to today, and we see that Mathews has grown well beyond Joel's expectations. Since that time in 1995, the company has expanded its space 6 times to approximately 140,000 square feet, typically employing over 300 people. By putting people first and business second, Matt McPherson has successfully built a major force in the archery industry.

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Single cam bows are dominating the tournament circuits. (1996)

More top shooters are switching to single cam bows just to stay competitive! Bow companies across the country are bringing single cam bows to the market because that is what consumers are asking for. Today, single cam technology accounts for for the majority of the bows on the market.

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Parallel Limb Design (1996)

The Parallel limb design is another Mathews first. With parallel limbs, vibration and noise are cancelled out, making the bow quieter and almost shock free. Parallel limbs make a smooth shooting, whisper quiet bow and also increase speeds and efficiencies.

Today, the limbs on Mathews bows have gone beyond Parallel, resulting in an even longer riser and therefore increased stability.

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High Efficiency - High Speed Cam Geometry (1997)

Up until this point, the only remaining advantage of a two-cam system was speed. Not anymore! Mathews, the inventor of single-cam technology, has developed a revolutionary new single-cam that is faster than any two cam system in this era! With a strategically placed tungsten carbide weight (Inertia Disc®) on the perimeter of the new Mathews Max Cam®, this "perimeter weighting" creates a "flywheel effect" that lengthens and strengthens the cam's power stroke, which dramatically increases the arrow speed while also reducing recoil.

Max Cam: Speed without the Kick!

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Perimeter-Weighted Technology™ (1997)

- At full draw, the Inertia Disc is poised to take a fast ride around the outside of the fully-cocked Mathews Cam

- Like a rocket at take-off, momentum builds gradually because of the energy required to set the Inertia Disc in motion around the perimeter of the cam. A smooth take-off results in a smooth release.

- As the Cam quickly gathers speed, the Inertia Disc is catapulting in the opposite direction of the bow limbs, counteracting their momentum and resulting in dramatic reduction in overall bow recoil.

- The Inertia Disc® has gained tremendous centrifugal momentum that substantially lengthens and strengthens the cam's power stroke, resulting in arrow speeds never before achieved from one-cam or two cam bows in this era!

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StraightLine, Dual Feed Single Cam (1998)

Mathews introduced the MQ1, the first dual-feed single cam bow with straight nocking point travel. Its' cam, the StraightLine MaxCam™ created more consistent nock travel which made the bow extremely accurate.

Read MQ1 High Grade Bow Review by Bow & Arrow's Joe Bell

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McPherson is inducted into the Bowhunters Hall of Fame (1998)

March 7, 1998 - After six short years of Mathews, Inc. being in business and countless archery patents and innovations to his credit, Matt McPherson is inducted into the Bowhunters Hall of Fame. Matt shares this honor with the people who helped him achieve this, specifically bringing his parents and three of his Junior and High School teachers who allowed him to make bows in shop class.

"Mathews, Inc. and the bows thousands of hunters take to the field and shooting line each year would undoubtedly not have been possible without one key person; my wife Sherry. She is my best friend and my biggest supporter - for that I can not thank her enough."

Matt McPherson
CEO & Founder of Mathews, Inc.

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Mathews Named to Inc. 500 as one of the Fastest Growing Companies (1998)

Mathews becomes the first archery company ever to make the Inc. 500 list, a list that is made up of the 500 fastest growing, privately-owned companies in America. Mathews commands the 78th place out of 500 recipients on this prestigious list.

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The Mind Behind Single Cam Bows by ArrowTrade's Tim Dehn (1998)

"While Mathews Solocam is well known as the company that started today's archery market moving forward toward single cam bows, President Matt McPherson has kept a low profile. How did he come up with the inspiration for the Solocam and new perimeter-weighted MaxCam? Why has he taken such an unconventional approach to marketing the bows? And why did he build a music studio inside the company's Sparta, WI plant? Matt McPherson shared the answers to that and more during a recent day-long visit from ArrowTrades Editor Tim Dehn."

Continue reading...

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Inc. 500 #248 (1999)

Mathews Archery continues to grow at a record pace and makes the Inc. 500 list again for the second consecutive year in a row.

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Harmonic Damping System™ (2000)

At the 2000 AMO Show, the show floor is buzzing about the Mathews new Harmonic Damping System. People line up at the Mathews Booth to see the new invention for themselves. Without question, the Harmonic Damping System, another brain child of Matt Mcpherson is one of the most recognized and effective accessories in the archery industry today. Upon its introduction to the market, consumers and other companies saw the many benefits of the system, which greatly reduces noise and vibration. Today the Harmonic Damping System is utilized in bow sights, rests, and even bicycle handles.

Click on the image above to watch and listen as Levi and Samantha Morgan demonstrate the differences between a bow riser with and without Harmonic Dampers.

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Matt McPherson: The Most Creative Mind in Archery by Inside Archery's Bill & Sherry Krenz (2000)

"Imagine a bow company only eight years old, a relative youngster among a mostly mature crowd of competitors. But this youngster has climbed the competitive mountain and scaled the heights like no one ever before. To accomplish so much, in such a relatively short period of time, amazes many, flabbergasts others, and has aggravated more than just a few competitors. Yet practically everyone has to admit that what Matt McPherson has done deserves respect. What he's gained he's earned. Creativity, hard work, innovation, loyalty, and a business course as straight as an arrow have taken Matt all the way to the top."

Continue Reading...

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The Genesis Project is Unveiled (2001)

McPherson said, "I've had guys ask me, 'Is there a bow I can buy that my whole family can shoot. I'd have to say 'No,' but what I'm thinking is 'Why not? Why don't I design a compound bow that has no specific draw length, and have the weight so low that Dad can shoot it, Mom can shoot it, and the kids can shoot it.'"

The Genesis System eliminates let-off on light draw weight bows (where its unnecessary) so there are no specific draw length requirements. The result is a bow that fits virtually everyone (15" to 30") and that a young person can't outgrow.

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Mathews: A Decade of Ideas & Influence (2002)

"In May of 1992 Matt McPherson, armed with a set of what he felt were better ideas, launched a company called Mathews. Many would argue that in the last decade no other company has had a bigger impact on the archery industry. Furthermore, in such key areas as product innovation, sales strategy, marketing and advertising, product and company consistency, even long-term commitment to the sport of archery, the ideas of Mathews have reshaped the thinking and rewired the plans of many."

"Mathews: A Decade of Ideas & Influence" By Inside Archery's Bill & Sherry Krenz

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String Suppressors™ (2002)

String Suppressors stop the forward motion of the string after the shot, quickly bringing them to a halt resulting in less noise and string slap. This is just another example of Matt Mcpherson's determination to make bows as quiet and vibration free as possible.

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Another Industry First: Angled Roller Guard (2002)

With the introduction of the Angled Roller, bows become noticeably smoother and easier to draw. The roller guard creates less friction than a conventional roller guard which in turn makes the bow more efficient.

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National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is launched! (2002)

Mathews is a founding sponsor of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) providing over two million dollars in support over the past eight years. With Mathews overwhelming support, what began as a joint venture between state Departments of Education and Wildlife has grown into a national phenomenon. The program promotes student education and participation in the life-long sport of archery by providing International-style target training in physical education classes for students in grades 4-12. Since its beginning in 2002, over 7.1 million youth have participated in archery via NASP® and over 7,361 schools across the U.S. and abroad have joined.

"At this time, annually NASP® introduces over One million youth to the Life-Sport of Archery during school hours. And that's something to be proud of."
Roy Grimes, National NASP Director

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Facing the Future: Mathews Genesis Bow by ArrowTrade's Tim Dehn (2002)

"Matt McPherson believes he's found the right formula for getting archery growing again. It's a type of inexpensive universal compound that anyone can shoot. But the zero-letoff Genesis bow is just part of the package the Mathews, Inc. founder and his management team are putting together in Sparta. They're already at work on an ambitious program to reintroduce archery to Wisconsin schools, initially as a phy-ed activity and then ultimately as a varsity sport. Retailers first in Wisconsin, then nationwide could see brighter days ahead if teenagers were being trained and encouraged to shoot by public and private school systems."

Continue Reading...

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Mathews "No Rules" Invitational (2002)

Mathews takes you back a few years and shows off the Mathews ProStaff and their ability to ricochet arrows off of obstacles in order to hit the mark!

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Proud to be American Made in Sparta, WI (2003)

Mathews' reputation for excellence originates from procuring the best materials and utilizing the best manufacturing processes to produce a bow that is second to none. With a Mathews bow, there is no compromise on the quality of materials or assembly process. When Mathews was established in 1992, the company relied on a wide range of experienced suppliers to provide many of the key components. An array of subcontractors from Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, Michigan and other states produced the components which were final-assembled at Mathews. However, as sales volumes grew, management was able to bring most processes in-house in order to meet three important objectives: cost savings, direct quality control and improved responsiveness to fluctuating customer demand.

2003 marks vertical integration of Mathews Manufacturing. Presently, Mathews manufactures most major components internally in its various facilities located in Sparta, Wisconsin.

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100% Dominance (2003)

Want further proof that Mathews dominates 3-D tournament competition? Consider that in 2003, Mathews shooters captured every single available title, from team titles to Shooter-of-the-Year, to national and world championships, for Men's Pro, Women's Pro, Senior Pro and Limited Pro in both ASA and IBO... even Buckmasters Top Bow and ESPN's Outdoor Games. 100% of all 2003 titles belong to shooters who shoot Mathews!

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V-LOCK™ Zero Tolerance Limb Cup System (2003)

The "V-LOCK"™ limb cup system forces the bow limb into positive and consistent alignment where it is attached to the bow handle. The result is consistent bow performance in terms of accuracy and an increased confidence level of the archer which puts more trophies on the wall and more Mathews pros on the podium.

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SlimFit InLine Grip (2004)

The wood inlay found going down the center of every Mathews wooden bow grip establishes the centerline which makes finding center-shot and setting up a rest easier than ever before.

Made of rich walnut the Mathews SlimFit Inline grip includes a wood inlay found going down the center of the grip. This establishes the centerline of the grip and makes finding center-shot and setting up a rest easier than ever before.

Personalize Your Grip With Custom Engraving!

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You can tell a lot about a Hunter (2004)

There is one sure-way to identify a dedicated bowhunter. Ask him what bow he shoot. If he is serious, passionate and savvy- one who puts in his time, cuts no corners, appreciates great equipment and frequently emerges with a nice photo of a big buck- odds are he'll answer emphatically, "I shoot a Mathews!"

Mathews takes you back to 2004 and shows you really can tell a lot about a hunter...

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The 1st Annual NASP Nationals (2004)

Held in Louisville, Kentucky the 1st ever NASP Nationals drew nearly 1,300 students from 6 states.

Today, NASP Nationals is the largest archery tournament in the world, drawing nearly 7,000 archers from 33 states.

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The Best Way to the Top (2005)

What does it take to get to the top? If you are Mathews, it's inspiration, a history of innovation and an unwavering dedication to making the world's best bows!

The Switchback is the best-ever combination for this era of speed and smooth shooting!

Read the Switchback Bow Review from North American Hunter's Mark Kayser

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Matt McPherson by Inside Archery's Bill & Sherry Krenz (2005)

"This past summer, we polled Inside Archery readers about who they would like to see on the cover of the magazine in 2006. Plenty of notable archery industry personalities and companies were suggested, but one name popped up more than any other. That name was Matt McPherson.

For many, Mathews' founder Matt McPherson is an enigma. McPherson doesn't actively seek the archery spotlight. He doesn't normally appear in the Mathews catalogs. He doesn't show up at scores of archery events. Matt McPherson just quietly designs better bows and directs a company that many believe is at the pinnacle of its field."

Continue Reading...

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Mathews Asks Consumers to Take the Switchback Challenge (2006)

Mathews is confident in the 2006 flagship bow model, which features the most parallel limbs of any Mathews created up to this point, and encourages customers to visit their local Authorized Mathews Retailer to shoot the Switchback XT.

The Swichback XT® it's shorter, it's smoother, it's even more forgiving, and it's the quietest way to the top!

Read Mathews Switchback XT High Grade Bow Review by Bill Winke

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NASP Scholarship Shoot-off (2006)

$14,000 in scholarship money is awarded at the NASP Nationals each year to the overall high scores (1st-4th place) in both the male and female divisions. Mathews and other generous sponsors help make this scholarship a reality.

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You Can Learn A lot from the World's Best Archers (2006)

Industry celebrities share tricks of the trade and give advice great for any bowhunter!

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SE Composite SlimLimb Design (2007)

The SlimLimb becomes an instant success. The composite limbs are stronger, lighter and thinner than conventional limbs which are traits bowhunters and tournament archers are looking for in a bow.

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Mathews shows Thin Is In (2007)

Featuring next generation SE Composite SlimLimbs, the Mathew Drenalin shows Thin Is In!

If Your Pulse is a Pounding, It's a Drenalin! Read Bowhunting World's Norb Mullany's or Bow & Arrow's Joe Bell's review on the Drenalin

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SphereLock Pivoting Limb Lock System (2007)

This unique design is another Mathews original that ensures the limb is locked into place with zero play while being drawn. Combined with the Limb Turret, the load gets spread out while cradling the limb at the same time, creating a super tough and tight limb to riser connection

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Mission Archery is born. (2007)

Mission Archery was born out of the need for a high quality pro-shop bow that had speed, accuracy and plenty of innovations that was affordable. The Mission line quickly became popular with pro shops and bowhunters looking for a high quality bow without a high-end price tag.

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Mathews Academy (2007)

Authorized Mathews Retailers is the primary example of Mathews' business integrity. Carefully selected knowledgeable, service-oriented retailers not only allow quality control through all phases of Mathews product cycle but provide exceptional customer service to those taking Mathews to the field each year.

In 2007, Mathews launches 3 day training course called Mathews Academy. Authorized Mathews Retailers are brought to Mathews and trained on all areas of business and Mathews & Mission products, which includes building a bow start to finish and engaging with a Q&A with Matt McPherson. Mathews Academy graduates provide product and service expertise designed to create the ultimate archery experience.

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ArrowWeb T-Series Quiver with Spider Claw Quick Twist System (2007)

This simple yet functional quiver design becomes an instant hit with Mathews fans. It is extremely light, can be detached and attached to the bow in seconds without loosening any bolts and looks like it belongs on the bow instead of looking like a bulky accessory.

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Manufacturer of the Year (2007)

The Manufacturer of the Year Awards recognize Wisconsin companies that demonstrate a commitment to business excellence which has a positive impact on the company and the state, making Wisconsin a better place to live, work and play. Mathew McPherson, Chief Executive Officer at Mathews said, "For us this award is all about the great people, at Mathews as well as the City of Sparta. Our employees will be very excited about this award. At Mathews everyone is involved in a lean-like process, where they can measure what they do, take ownership and measure their success: they are responsible for themselves. This award is an acknowledgement of their individual successes. Sparta is home to open and endearing people that are hard-working employees and that is the root of Mathews' success."

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Integrity, Innovation and Impact (2007)

In 2007, Mathews gathered 20 employees from all faucets of the company and asked them to put down three words that embodied what Mathews, Inc. stood for. Separately, Matt McPherson was asked to do the same. McPherson and the group came up with the exact same core values: Impact, Innovation, and Integrity.

Integrity - Our actions and decisions reflect honesty, trustworthiness, respect, loyalty and accountability.

Innovation - We achieve the extraordinary through the continuous improvement of people, process and product.

Impact - We make positive, lasting impressions by caring for individuals, families and communities.

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Lost Camo: Get Lost or Be Found! (2008)

The diagonal and horizontal look of Lost Camo combined with the extra large pattern helps bowhunters effectively deceive the eyes of big game animals whether they are sitting in a treestand over a food plot or stalking antelope in the West.

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Mathews TV takes viewers on a Global Journey through the Ever-Expanding World of Archery! (2008)

Mathews Archery teams up with bowhunter and entertainer, Dave Watson to offer Mathews TV. Mathews TV is a show that celebrates hunting and adventure as well as family, friends and the memories made along the way.

"We want to do more than showcase big hunts and competitions." Watson explains, "Our mission is to engage the people at home, to make them feel a part of the action and inspire them to get out and create their own adventures."

Tune in for Mathews TV Sundays 7 p.m. Eastern on Outdoor Channel or log on to www.mathewstv.com for more information.

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2008's DXT Has Pass Through Power

You get more power out of a Mathews per pound pulled than other bows. This means power... Pass-through power! It also means that a Mathews bow is easier and smoother to pull compared to other bows. And this becomes especially important when you need to make a slow, smooth draw in cold weather with adrenaline pulsing through your system and a monster buck in your shooting lane!

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What Will They Think of Next? (2008)

Learn more about the long list of innovations that leave everyone thinking "What will they think of next?"

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Aiming for a Cure (2008)

Inspired by the 2007 NASP National Champion Morgan Floyd's story of her mother's battle with breast cancer, a portion of the sales from the Pink Lemonade Genesis and Mini-Genesis, Electric Pink Ignition and Passion bow go towards Aiming for a Cure. Sales of these bows have generated over $150,000 in the fight against Breast Cancer.

Read Morgan's Inspirational Story

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Mathews Announces Licensed Products (2008)

Mathews announces the launch of an exciting new "Officially Licensed Product" line of premium hunting goods bearing the Mathews logo. Mathews has teamed up with makers of premium hunting products such as, Gamehide, Scent Blocker, Carbon Express and others to create a line that will be sold exclusively through Mathews' retailers. Where appropriate, these licensed products will feature Mathews' exclusive Lost Camo, the camouflage pattern designed specifically with bowhunters in mind and found on Mathews flagship bows.

Like Mathews, all of these manufacturers produce products known for quality, craftsmanship and innovation. Today, Mathews has over 100 licensees that bare the Mathews name and / or feature Lost Camo. More information about the Mathews Officially Products can be found here.

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Mathews Reezen (2009)

Need a Reezen to move up to a better bow this year? Here's one: everything you've come to expect from a Mathews bow just got better... that's why we call it the Reezen ™. The new Reezen™ produces the highest efficiencies at the fastest speeds we've ever tested from a single-cam bow. With speeds up to 340 feet per second at 80% let off, it's accurate, forgiving and smooth drawing, 340 FPS never felt so good! The reason's you'll want this bow are endless.... Experience the Reezen at your nearest Authorized Mathews Retailer.

Get Lost, or be found. The New 2009 Reezen is available in Mathews' exclusive Lost Camo.

Reezen Bow Review by Bowhunting World's Norb Mullany
High Grade Bow Report by Petersen's Bowhunting

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The McPherson Series Monster™ and Monster XLR8™.
The Fastest, Most Efficient Dual Cam Ever Built at 80% Let Off! (2009)

Twenty years after Matt McPherson introduced the McPherson Eliminator; the fastest dual cam compound ever built at that time, history repeats itself! Introducing the new McPherson Series® Monster™. Complete with the new AVS™ technology, the McPherson Series® Monster has raised the bar on dual cam engineering! Unleash the Monster™ today to see what happens when power meets precision.

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The Reezens are Endless (2009)

Mathews asks consumers to share their "Reezen" for hunting and shooting archery and they did! Thousands of creative sayings and quotes came pouring in. Check out the best ones here!

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Mathews Halts String Vibration with the New Dead End (2009)

New for 2009, Mathews introduces the Dead End™ String Stop™ by Arrow Web®. The Dead End™ String Stop™ drastically reduces residual vibration and virtually eliminates post-release noise! Installs in minutes and fits most bows currently equipped with a rear stabilizer bushing. Feel the Dead End™ difference today at your local Mathews Retailer!

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Advanced Vectoring Cam System - AVS (2009)

The AVS system engineered by Matt Mcpherson is a 2-cam bearing system that stores more energy, is more efficient, and stays in synch better than any other 2-cam bow out there, all while delivering an incredible 80% let-off.

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QUAD VLock Limbs (2009)

Locking mechanisms on typical limbs merely set the limb in the adjoining limb pocket or attach the limb to the riser by a screw. The VLOCK limb system; however, takes the end of the limb; which resembles a V, and pushes the limb into the VLOCK area so that the end of the limb is perfectly aligned every time under pressure. The quad limbs also feature a reverse locking mechanism that keeps the limbs securely locked in place. This double-locking limb system locks the limb securely into a zero tolerance position.

Today's bows have gotten so parallel that some bow presses actually can strain the limb and pull on the socket. The reverse lock prevents this from happening making the most durable marriage of both limb and riser.

The QUAD VLock is found on on the Mcpherson Series Monster Bows.

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Harmonic Stabilizer (2009)

The Harmonic Stabilizer was designed to fit into the bottom Harmonic Damper hole and eliminate excess vibration and noise created by high speed bows. One Harmonic Stabilizer makes a smooth-shooting Mathews even smoother and reduces up to 75% more residual vibration!

Watch and see what Tom Miranda, host of Whitetail Country and Territories Wild, has to say about the Harmonic Stabilizer and why it's a great addition to an existing Mathews model.

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Power Retract DownForce Arrow Rest (2009)

Unlike other conventional drop away rests, the triggering cable on the DownForce attaches to the lower half of the bowstring, not the cable. This means the cradle stays with the arrow longer to provide the ultimate amount of guidance during release. The power retract mechanism pulls away ultra-fast, up to 5 times faster than previous models, providing maximum fletching clearance, and a straighter, more accurate arrow flight.

Watch the DownForce in High Speed

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String Grub (2009)

String Grubs aid in reducing string vibration in order to gain more speed. The String Grub is an important component in this fully integrated system that makes the Reezen the fastest most efficient single cam bow in the world and the Monster the fastest, most efficient twin cam in the world.

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Mathews Passion (2009)

"We set out to make a bow specifically for the female shooters- gone are the days when lady archers have to adapt to other bows not made with their needs in mind. They deserve something that not only fits them perfectly, but is stylish, after all; we want as many women out there to share the passion for the outdoors as possible."
Matt McPherson
Founder & CEO of Mathews, Inc.

Women Bowhunters Share their Passion by Deer & Deer Hunting's Jacob Edson

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Mathews Manufacturing (2010)

Today, the machine shop operates three shifts, 5 days per week and processes over 1.5 million pounds of aluminum and recycles 100% of scrap aluminum each year to produce the components needed to meet consumer demand. Mathews has over 50 CNC machines and operates four facilities in Sparta, WI totaling approximately 200,000 square feet.

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Grid Lock Riser Technology (2010)

In addition to looking cool, the Grid Lock Riser creates a lighter yet structurally stronger riser.

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Reverse Assist Roller Guard (2010)

The Reverse Assist™ Roller Guard reduces friction for a smoother draw cycle by positioning cables in a reverse manner; in front rather than behind the roller guard. Traditional roller guards position cables on the back side of the roller guard and cause the cables to wrap tighter as the bow is drawn back and therefore places more pressure on the cables. The Reverse Assist™ Roller Guard allows the cable to roll with less tension in a fully contained roller guard and ultimately makes the bow smoother since there is less tension on the cable.

Draw back your current bow and compare it to the Mathews Creed XS, set at the same draw weight, and you will quickly see how the Reverse Assist™ Roller Guard 'assists' you in drawing back!

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Millionth Mathews Bow

In January 2010, the one millionth Mathews bow is produced. This is a testament to just how much consumers love Mathews and the bows they produce.

When Mathews sold their Millionth bow, loyal Mathews shooter Rich Frohmader surprised Mathews with a custom made plaque to celebrate the accomplishment. Above: The Frohmader family stands with Matt McPherson below the plaque which has engraved the years 1992-2010 and "One Millionth."

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New Mathews Z7 Grosses Highest Sales in Mathews History & Continues to "Exceed Expectations" (2010)

People have come to expect a lot from Mathews' and when the company introduced their new flagship model for the year- the new Mathews Z7, it left a lot of people smiling. Demand for the Mathews Z7 has been so high that the bow has broken several sales records including becoming the highest grossing bow for Mathews in the history of the company.

Watch Matt McPherson Explain the New Mathews Z7

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2010 Focus Grip Featuring Focus Ridge Technology

The new Focus Grip with patent pending "Focus Ridge" helps minimize hand torque in the event of poor hand placement by keeping pressure concentrated in the center of the grip, unlike typical flat top grips that move pressure to the outside edge which increases hand torque.

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Monkey Tail (2010)

Eliminate string and cable sound and vibration. This string accessory comes standard on the Mathews Z7! Four Monkey Tails™ equates to a minimal speed loss of 1-2 fps total with virtually all string and cable sound and vibration eliminated.

Retrofit older Mathews Models - Monkey Tails™ will be available for purchase at your nearest Authorized Mathews Retailer.

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2010 Continues to Break Records! (2010)

Mathews ProShooters captured every single available title in 3D archery from Shooter of the Year to National and World Championships in Men's Open Pro in both ASA and IBO...

100% of all 2010 Men's Open Pro titles belong to shooters holding a Mathews!
See a Complete List of 2010 Wins by Tournament here.

Additionally, Mathews is honored to receive two of the most prestigious awards in the industry- Outdoor Life Editor's Choice and Field & Stream's Best of the Best for the 2010 Mathews Z7!

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Harmonic Stabilizer Lite

Introduced in 2009, the Harmonic Stabilizer was purposely tuned to be out of phase with any of the longer riser Z-Series or Heli-m bows, and can dampen more than 75% of residual vibration when placed in the bottom Harmonic Damper hole. The Harmonic Stabilizer will give optimum performance and is standard issue on all Z-Series & McPherson Series Monster bows. New for 2012, the Harmonic Stabilizer has evolved! The Harmonic Stabilizer Lite; which, like the standard Harmonic Stabilizer, absorbs 75% of residual vibration, but now does so at 1/3 the weight (nearly 70% lighter). The Harmonic Stabilizer Lite can be purchased as an accessory to retrofit most Mathews bows currently equipped with Harmonic Dampers. Visit your local Mathews retailer to shoot the Mathews Heli-m today and feel the Harmonic Stabilizer Lite difference for yourself.

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Twenty years of innovation and extensive testing culminate in the 2012 Mathews HeliM. Fast, smooth and quiet, this incredibly advanced bow weighs a mere 3.5 pounds.

The success of Mathews is truly a team effort. Mathews' employees are passionate about providing high-quality archery equipment and exceptional customer service, as well as working to improve people's lives.

Click here to read Inside Archery's Michealean Pike's article.

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Mathews Expands Production Facility

Mathews Inc. The Largest Bow Manufacturer in The World has recently expanded its manufacturing facilities. This most recent addition pushes the company’s overall floor space to a whopping 200,000 sq. ft. Filled with state-of-the-art equipment, the Mathews Inc. headquarters is poised to tackle the challenges that come with being the largest bow company in the world. "We are investing in our future and our potential for growth", says Jerrod Hoff, Director of Operations.

Click here to read full article.

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Mission Archery Enters Crossbow Market (2012)

Mission Archery has built a solid reputation over the last several years for building bows that come with a pile of notable features without the hefty price tag. In 2012, led by Mathews & Mission Archery’s Matt McPherson the company turned heads by entering the fast- growing crossbow market with the MXB-360 and the MXB-320. The Mission MXB Series was designed to give retailers and consumers a fast, quiet and accurate crossbow that is also lightweight, balanced and extremely easy to use.

“We’ve spent a few years listening to our retailers ask us to build a crossbow, and we’re confident the MXB-Series is going to be a new leader in terms of crossbow performance,” McPherson said.

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Ted Nugent Joins Mathews Family (2013)

To millions of music lovers, Ted Nugent has carved a permanent place in rock & roll history as the guitar-shredding showman, selling more than 40 million albums, performing more than 6,400 high-octane concerts, and continuing to set attendance records at venues around the globe.

To further millions, Nugent is the nation’s most outspoken proponent of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, conducting thousands of pro-gun, pro-freedom, pro-America interviews in major media worldwide.

“We are a proud supporter of our Second Amendment rights—rights that protect all other freedoms. We stand firmly with Ted Nugent and the Americans that continue to make their voices heard and who choose freedom, stated Mathews Inc. President Stephen McPherson. Nugent is dedicated to preserving our great outdoor heritage for future generations and we are proud to welcome him and wife Shemane, to Team Mathews!”

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Mountain Dew® Licenses Mathews’ Lost Camo® (2013)

An exciting partnership with Mountain Dew® makes Lost Camo "Man Cans” & 20 pack cases available for bowhunting enthusiast local convenience, grocery & chain stores nationwide. Limited Edition, While Supplies Last.

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The new ArrowWeb® CT™ is Mathews®’ lightest, most compact quiver to date. The CT™, which stands for “compact,” features a reduced profile that improves bow balance while shaving excess weight. Featuring a GridLock™ hood, the new ColorShield™ hood-inserts come in 10 distinct colors and enable shooters to match their quiver color with their other Mathews® Genuine Accessories.

“Mathews® Genuine Accessories™ are designed to enhance the performance and experience of Mathews bows,” said Marketing Director, Brad Treu. “While the ArrowWeb® series are among the best selling quivers of all time, we’re never satisfied. After countless hours of R&D, we took to the drawing board with the feedback of our loyal customers in hand. Out of that has come the ArrowWeb® CT-Series™ . . . undoubtedly the best quiver our team has designed,” Treu said.

The ArrowWeb® CT-Series™ Quiver will accommodate expandable or fixed blade broadheads up to 1 1/8 inch. The redesigned foam insert will keep your blades quiet and in place while the new removable BladeShield™(included)will keep your edges sharp and fingers safe.

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Mission Archery® leads the industry with the first-ever silent mechanical cocking device for crossbows. The patent pending RSD™ fits all Mission MXB® Crossbows and can be installed or removed in a matter of a few seconds. In addition to being completely silent, the RSD™ improves accuracy through the use of a floating rope-pull that ensures equal tension is applied to each side of the bowstring during the draw.

The RSD System™ is outfitted with a removable, ambidextrous reel that when engaged will reduce the operator’s effort by eight times. The RSD System™ makes it possible for virtually anyone to draw a crossbow in complete silence.

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Mathews® ROCK MODS™ (2014)

Mathews® ROCK MODS™ come standard on the Chill® X and are also designed to fit AVS® Perimeter Weighted DYAD™ Cam Systems for the Chill®, Chill® R and Chill® SDX. Built with an integrated draw stop, these new mods provide a rock solid back wall for shot-to-shot consistency. Experience custom performance and optimize the let-off to your own personal shooting style with either 75% or 85% let-off. ROCK MODS™ are available at your Authorized Mathews Retailers today.

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Mathews® Solocam®

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