I would have to say job well done Mathews


“I went from a hand-me-down 6 and ½ year old Mathews Q2 to the new Z7 Xtreme that I purchased. HUGE, awesome difference!!! Yes, it draws smooth. Yes, it is forgiving. But what impressed me most is the speed at which it does all this. I shoot 100 grain field points on GoldTip XT Hunters 5575 arrows with no drop from 10 yards to 35 yards.  In my neck of the woods, our longest bow shots are usually 25 yards! So there really is no point in having so many pins on your sight which is really helpful. Some people complain about the bow being shorter, but for me it’s a huge plus- Our stands are mostly box stands that are not real tall or very deep so it really helps having a more compact bow to contend with. All in all, I would have to say job well done Mathews. Keep up the good work. Catch them if you can!”

Justin Smith
Mathews Facebook Fan