Pro Staff: Ty Adkins

Ty says his father (Carl Adkins) has been shooting archery as a pro for years and competing for many more.  He has won a few national titles and has been in several shoot downs as a pro.  “He has been my teacher throughout my career,” says Ty. “My mother is also my number one supporter and has been there for me throughout my whole career.”  His mother used to shoot before becoming interested in gardening and spending time with the grandkids.

Here are some of Ty’s recent archery accomplishments:

  • 2012 – ASA World Champion (Open A)
  • 2012 – ASA Shooter of the Year (Open A)
  • 2012 – three national wins in Open A at Florida, Illinois, and Kentucky, along with two other top fives and a top ten
  • 2012 – first year shooting Vegas, placed 21st in Men’s Unlimited Flights out of about 600 shooters
  • 2011 – ASA Shooter of the Year in Young Adult
  • 2011 – ASA World Champion in Young Adult

Ty is also a Junior honors student at Caddo Magnet High School, and is in several AP classes along with enriched and honors classes.  His weighted GPA is currently a 4.54 and he’s planning on continuing this trend and scoring over a 30 on his ACT to receive a full-ride scholarship to Louisiana Tech for an engineering degree.  He has already taken the ACT once and scored a 26.  He is not sure yet what specific engineering field he will be studying in.


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