Pro Staff: Tracey Sadler

Tracey Sadler shoots in the Women’s Pro class.  When competing, her bow of choice is the Conquest Triumph and when she is hunting, her bow of choice is the Drenalin.  Some of her most recent accomplishments include:

  • 2007 – ASA Classic – 4th
  • 2007 – Texas ASA Federation – State Champion
  • 2007 – Lone Star Bow Hunters Association – State Champion

Tracey first got involved in the sport of archery when she signed up for an archery course while attending the National Wild Turkey Federation’s “Women in the Outdoors” event with her mother.  Her husband bought her a bow soon after, and she has been shooting ever since.  She says that her sister, mother, husband, and Gene Curry have made the biggest impact on her archery career by constantly encouraging her to be faithful and never give up.  The biggest piece of advice that Tracey has for new archers is, “You can do this.  Anyone can do this.  Join your local archery club and volunteer to help with events.  This will help you find someone who will encourage and support you, and have fun with it.”


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