Pro Staff: Sarah Prieels

Sarah Prieels has been enjoying archery for the past 14 years. Her bows of choice are Prestige and Z7 Magnum.  Some of Sarah’s accomplishments include:

  • 2011   Belgian Outdoor Championship Senior
  • 2010   Belgian Outdoor Championship Senior
  • 2010   Team European championship
  • 2010    European Junior Championship  3rd


She is a 5th generation archer in her family. She hopes to one day be as successful as they are; which includes a world champion and Olympic champion. Sarah’s dad, who is her archery coach, has had the biggest impact on her archery career.

The best part of competition is meeting new people and visiting countries around the world. Her favorite part of archery competition is competing in large events and shooting against great shooters which helps her get better and better.

Sarah’s advice to new archers is “Sacrifices are hard to do but one day you will be rewarded. But never forget to have fun!”

When she is not competing Sarah enjoys spending time with family and friends and reading.  Her most memorable archery moment is winning the Gold medal with her team at the European Championships in 2010.


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