Pro Staff: Yahsti Perkinskiller

Yahsti has had a passion for bow hunting since the age of 13. Now at age 29, he has been fortunate enough to harvest 17 different species of North American big game animals. Yahsti says with the help and support of his family, he has been able to pursue his love of bow hunting.  In 2006, Yahsti joined the Strickland Archery Adventures TV team with hosts Tim and Shirley Strickland.  Yahsti says it is one of the most exciting moments of his hunting career.  Since then, he has started writing articles for bow hunting magazines on adventures he has had with the  Stricklands.

Yahsti comes from the Waccamaw-Sioux first nations people and was raised in New York City. He says he owes great appreciation to his father for introducing  
him to the outdoors. During the summer, Yahsti enjoys going to  
Native Powwows where he, his wife Sheena, and their 3 daughters participate  
in competitve  dancing.


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