Pro Staff: Tony Clem

Tony Clem got started in archery the same way that many of us have, by hunting with family.  His father would take him out to go shooting and hunting, and his love for archery has only grown in the time since.  He credits his father as being the most influential person in his archery career for the time he spent teaching Tony and taking Tony to all the tournaments when he was young.

Tony shoots in the Pro division and uses a Conquest Apex, Apex 8, Monster 7.0, and Z7 Magnum.  He has competed as a pro for many years and has quite a few accomplishments under his belt.  Here are a few of them:

  • 1991 – Indoor BHFS National Champion – 1st
  • 1993 – Outdoor FS National Champion – 1st
  • 2001 – Redding Western Trail Classic Pro – 1st
  • 95-03 – Several 2nd laces @ Vegas + Nationals and Redding – all 2nd
  • 2001 – Big Sky Open Pro Champion – 1st

His most memorable archery experience out of his whole time as a professional archer would be winning the Redding Western Trail Classic Pro tournament in 2001.  Tony’s favorite part of archery is outdoor field archery and hunting.  But he also enjoys spending time shooting and hunting with his kids.  To any young archers out there, Tony’s advice is to “be patient!”

When not shooting, Tony enjoys fishing, camping, and youth sports.

Tony Clem’s personal testimony regarding Mathews bows and Zebra strings:

“Their quality and performance are great, and Zebra strings never let me down!”


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