Pro Staff: Shane Auman

Shane has been shooting professionally for 10 years and is currently shooting the Conquest Triumph in competition and shooting the Mathews Monster while hunting.  Some of his most recent accomplishments in tournaments are:

  • 2010 – ASA 4 top 5 finishes in Semi-Pro, 5th place Shooter of the Year

Shane says that his father has had the biggest impact on his archery career as his father got him involved in the sport of archery by them hunting together.  Shane’s biggest piece of advice is to, “Seek out a Mathew’s dealership and your areas top archers and don’t be afraid to ask those people questions.”  He says that his most memorable archery moment was harvesting a Boone and Crocket class whitetail on professional video.

Outside of archery Shane enjoys spending time with his wife and son, working on their property, and Harley Davidson Motorcycles.


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Key Stats

Competitive Category:
US National