Pro Staff: Ronnie Smith

Ronnie Smith has been enjoying archery for the past 19 years. Ronnie is the host of Ronnie Smith’s Outdoor Adventures which airs on the Men’s Channel and CSS. He also hosts a radio show in Birmingham Alabama. When Ronnie is in the field, his bow of choice is the Heli m.

Ronnie is a very accomplished hunter. He has harvested nearly 300 deer with a bow. Several of these have made the Pope & Young record book. He has also taken elk that have made the book as well. He has also harvested wild hogs, rabbits, waterfowl and turkeys.

Ronnie is very active in introducing people to the outdoors. He has taught over 100 men, women and children to shoot a bow. He has taken several children on their first hunts and has seen a number of them harvest their first deer wit ha bow.

When Ronnie is not hunting or filming he enjoys fishing, spending time with children in the outdoors, watching his nephew play football, taking his son and daughter hunting and riding bicycles.

The advice that Ronnie gives to new archers is to get a bow that fits properly. If they are interested in hunting, Ronnie teaches that the art of the hunt is to position yourself so that you can make a clean kill without being detected by the prey they are hunting.


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