Pro Staff: Roger Raglin

Roger has been participating in archery for the past 30 years. He started shooting a Mathews bow in 1996.

Roger has produced 48 full featured hunting videos and hosts and produces Roger Raglin Outdoors that airs on the Outdoor Channel. Roger has his own line of deer scent and deer calls.

His hunting accomplishments are second to none. He has held (past/present) 13 Safari Club world records including the #1 Non-Typical Whitetail NE and #2 typical Whitetail NE. Roger has taken 10 North American whitetail deer slams, 4 bow slams and 2 North American Deer slams. He has 46 whitetail bucks that score over 120 B & C points that he has taken with his bow. He has 100 whitetail bucks that score over 130 B&C, 62 over 140, 25 over 160, 7 over 170 and 2 over 200 inches. He has taken whitetail deer in 29 different states, 4 Canadian provinces and Mexico. Roger has bow hunted on three continents and has harvested a 60″ Kudu that is #2 for SCI. He also has the world slam for buffalo that included a 50″ Cape Buffalo.

Many people do not realize that Roger is an accomplished pianist.

Roger’s advice to beginning archers is “Enjoy the sport. Practice like you mean it. Practice shooting just like you were hunting.”


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