Pro Staff: Robert Clark

Robert Clark has been enjoying archery for 22 years. He competes in the Male Senior class. His bow of choice for competition is the Conquest Triumph.

Some of his accomplishments include:

    • 2010 – IBO (MCBH) National Champion (Team) – 1st
    • 2010 – IBO World – 12th
    • 2010 – IBO National Triple Crown (overall) – 6th
    • 2010 – IBO 3d Leg NTC – 10th
    • 2010 – IBO 2d Leg NTC – 6th
    • 2010 – IBO 1st Leg NTC – 17th
    • 2010  – IBO 3d Southern NTC – 4th
    • 2010 – IBO 1st Southern NTC – 3th
    • 2010 – NFAA West Virginia State Champion – 1st

      When Robert is not competing he enjoys hunting deer and turkeys.

      The advice that Robert gives to new archers is develop an archery form that works for you. Practice this form until you master it. Then develop a mental plan that will make you a champion. Most important…have fun!!!

      “The future of our sport is our youth! Go to your local school system and see if they have the National Archery in the Schools program. If they don’t have it, start it. If they do, help them any way you can!”


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      Key Stats

      Competitive Category:
      US National