Pro Staff: Rikki Bingham

Rikki has been shooting for 20 years and currently competes in the FITA Target & Field competitions.  When competing Rikki with a Conquest Apex 7 and a Conquest 4.  Some of her most recent accomplishments include:

  • 2009 – World Indoor Archery Championships  – Team Silver
  • 2009 – GB National Series – 3rd at the Final and only archer to place at each of the 5 legs
  • 2009 – Crawley Arrowhead FITA Field Tournament – National Record for the Marked 24 round
  • 2010 – British Championships – 2nd Place
  • 2010 – UK Masters – 2nd Place
  • 2010 – World Cup Leg 1 – Croatia – Top 32
  • 2010 – Euronations Tournament representing England – 4th & Team 1st

Rikki first got involved in the sport of archery after her parents began shooting.  It all took off from there.  They individuals who have made the biggest impact on her career are her parents and her husband James.  She says that without them, she wouldn’t be where she is today.  The advice that Rikki would give to a new archer is, “Do archery to a level you enjoy and watch the top archers you can learn a lot by studying the techniques of the best.”

When not competing, Rikki enjoys spending time with her family, arts & crafts, readying and doing home improvement projects.


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Key Stats

Competitive Category:
Conquest® 4™