Pro Staff: Rick Wayne

Guitar Player, Songwriter and Avid Bow Hunter… I started hunting with my Dad at age five. He would take me hunting with him. Hunting is a passion I have in my soul. It allows me to have time alone and also share times with family and friends. There is many memories I will always cherish from my hunting experiences. “Archery hunting is by far my favorite!  I have toured or recorded with many Hall Of Fame Country Music Artist such as, Porter Wagoner,Waylon Jennings,Tom T. Hall,Willie Nelson… name a few… I currently tour with Randy Travis.I have had songs recorded by Alabama,Randy Travis and others.I have wrote music for soundtracks also. After a long year of touring doing national television shows to concerts all around the US and last fall Switzerland I always look forward to getting back to the outdoors with my Mathew’s Bow and hunt my favorite game, The Whitetail Deer! I thank all the outdoor companies who share their wonderful products I enjoy!!


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