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Randy Oitker was born March 2, 1987 and lives on the family farm in Plainville, IL. Randy started shooting a bow at the age of 8 and by the age of 10 he had won 5 North American Bowhunters (NABH) qualifiers , The NABH World Championship and the NABH Shooter of the Year. Randy continued shooting the Pro archery tournament circuit winning over 17 national titles, 2 World Championships and 3 Shooter of the Year awards by the age of 12.

Randy stopped competing and focused on introducing others to the sport of archery that he enjoys doing so much.

When Randy was 12 years old, he was asked to write a monthly column for 5 different magazines. By age 14, Randy was performing at Outdoor expos, fundraisers and grand openings and special events for Bass Pro and Cabela’s stores . He has performed at Buckmaster’s Expos, NWTF conventions, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations events, Weatherby Foundation Events, and he has performed for 6 years in a row at the Harrisburg,PA.  Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show and has been voted fan favorite each He also performs at corporate events, private functions and numerous other events related to the archery and outdoor industry. Randy has also performed at the Alfred Sloan Museum in Flint,MI. Randy has even performed at the Bristol Motor Speedway at a Nascar Nextel Cup Race, the Food City 500 in 2005 and was featured in a commercial at the pre-race ceremony on the Speed Channel. Randy currently is still performing at outdoor expos and events all across the country and abroad.

In 2009, Randy traveled to London, England for the Guinness Book Of World Records TV show called “Guinness World Records Smashed” to make archery history! On April 7, 2009. Randy Oitker shot 6 arrows with one shot!   6 arrows were shot at a time and simultaneously hit 6 separate balloons!

Randy has become internationally known with his travels for Guinness World Records . In 2010, Randy was invited by Guinness to perform in the Rome, Italy for their TV show called “Lo Show dei Records” then Guinness invited Randy to Beijing, China for their TV show called “Zhen Da Zong Yi.”

Randy was recently honored by the Topps Card Company as the first archer to be featured on their cards. Randy is on the 2010 Allen and Ginter World Champion Series of cards. Randy’s goal is to introduce as many people to the sport of archery and to the outdoors.

“If I can get one kid interested in archery and the outdoors than I have done my job,” Randy said.

Randy recently signed on to be a part of the Outdoor Channel TV show Shooting USA’S Impossible Shots.

Randy Oitker Making Archery Records and Archery History with Mathews Bows!


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