Pro Staff: Phil McCoy

Phil McCoy competes in the Senior Pro class and was the first member of the Mathews ProStaff.  He says that Matt McPherson has had the biggest impact on his archery career. His bows of choice for competition are the Conquest 4 and Drenalin LD.

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • More then 50 top 5 finishes
  • 1992 – First to win a national title with a Mathews bow

When Phil is not competing, he enjoys bow-hunting for deer and elk, and developing and maintaining wildlife habitat.

The advice that Phil gives to new archers is to find a nationally competitive archer who sets up their own equipment and get them to adopt you. “Such a person can pass on years of experience in just a few weeks. We learned it by experimenting so you don’t have to. Never take instruction from anyone you can out-shoot.”


  • Phil McCoy Shooting 1
  • Phil McCoy Shooting 3

Key Stats

Competitive Category: