Pro Staff: Nathan Winters

Nathan Winters has been enjoying archery for 18 years and has been competing as a semi pro the last 5 years.  His bow of choice for competition is the Conquest Triumph and the Mathews Monster.  His bow of choice when hunting is the Mathews Monster or the Conquest Prestige.  Some of his accomplishments include:

  • 2003 – Open B VA, 8th Place, IL, 5th Place, IN, 3rd Place, Classic, 6th Place,
    Shooter of the Year, 7th Place
  • 2004 – Open A LA, 1st Place, SC, 6th Place, Classic, 3rd Place, Shooter of the Year, 5th Place
  • 2005 – Semi Pro LA, 7th Place, SC, 15th Place

When Nathan is not competing he enjoys hunting deer, turkey and bear, motorcycle riding, ATV riding and playing with his children.

The advice that Nathan gives to new archers is to keep a positive attitude, ask for help from other archers that have a good knowledge of the sport and practice good form.


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