Pro Staff: Michael Leiter

Michael Leiter competes in the NFAA Pro Freestyle division with a Mathews Conquest 4.  In addition to winning numerous major championships, Michael has won the NFAA Outdoor National Championship in the Men’s Pro Division a record 7 times.

Michael got involved in archery at a very young age through his parents.  His parents began shooting archery when they were very young, and as their children grew, they got their children involved as well.  It soon became something the whole family did together.

Michael says, “My parents were the two people who were my biggest influence in archery.  My dad opened an archery store and I was fortunate in that he always provided me with the latest and best equipment.  Family vacations consisted of archery tournaments.  What more could I ask for?”

Michael loves to compete against the best there is.  He finds what he describes as “a great sense of accomplishment” when he “succeed(s) under a tremendous amount of pressure.”

“I also have been fortunate to be able to shoot with and compete against Jack Cramer, Terry Ragsdale, Larry Wise and a number of other great archers of the past,” he says.  “That camaraderie and competition helped me to become a better archer.”

His favorite memory is winning his first NFAA National Field Championship.  “I can still visualize and feel how I felt when I shot that last target.  It has gotten me through a bunch of high-pressure tournament situations.”

Some of his most recent accomplishments include:

  • 2011 – LAS Classic – 3rd (senior)
  • 2011 – World Archery Festival Las Vegas – 95
  • 2010 – Maryland Archery Association 3D marked and unmarked State Championship – 1st
  • 2010 – Maryland Archery Association FITA Field Championship – 1st

Some of Michael’s hobbies include golfing and spending time with his family, his wife Kathy and twin sons, Jason and Kenny.  He also participates in the Shoot with the Pros event at the NFAA Indoor Nationals.  When he’s not shooting at the national level, you can find him supporting the local clubs in his state of Maryland.

Michael Leiter’s personal testimony regarding Mathews bows and Zebra strings:

“I’ve shot Mathews bows for more than a few years now and I have not had one problem with any of the bows I’ve shot.  They are the easiest bows to tune.  I’ve shot I don’t know how many thousands of arrows out of them and they just flat out shoot!  The dependability gives me a ton of confidence!  The same reason I shoot Mathews bows is the same reason why I shoot Zebra strings.  They are consistent shot after shot after shot.  Never have I had one come apart.  Dependability breeds confidence!”


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Conquest® 4™