Pro Staff: Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson started out as a gun-hunter but wanted more time in the year to hunt. So, he picked up a bow and began hunting as an archer as well.  He then became interested in competitive target archery as a way to stay sharp for the hunting season year-round.  After discovering how much fun competitive archery was, one thing led to another and he soon found himself as a professional archer.  Michael now competes in both the Open Pro and Pro Release divisions.  He shoots an Apex, Apex 7, Conquest 4, MR6, Monster 7.0, and Prestige.  Some of his accomplishments include the following:

  • 1st Place Las Vegas 2002
  • 1st Place NFAA Outdoor 2001
  • 2nd Place NFAA Indoor Nationals 2005
  • 2nd Place IBO Worlds 2004
  • Made shoot off at World Archery Festival 3 of the last 4 years
  • Several IBO Team National Championships
  • Over 30 Iowa State Championships
  • 1st place at ISAA Pro Am in 2011 – tied for 1st

He says his family was most influential in his archery career, even though he’s also been heavily influenced by many top pro archers throughout the years.

His favorite part of competitive archery has been building friendships with all the people he’s met along the way.  “It has gotten to where I not only look forward to going to tournaments for the competition and opportunity to shoot my bow, but also to see the friends I have made over the years.”

His most memorable archery moment was winning a Chevy Silverado truck and Honda ATV at the first Mathews Invitational in 2006. Some of his other favorite memories have been winning the Las Vegas Tournament in a shoot off (once as a professional and twice as an amateur), winning the 2001 NFAA Outdoor Nationals in a shoot-off, and also taking his first deer with a bow.

Michael’s advice to any new archers is, “Stick with it because persistence pays off.  Remember the main reason you got into archery in the first place- because it’s fun!  There are going to be good days and bad days.  Just stick with it and you will get better.”

Michael had an unfortunate accident in November of 2007 when the chain supporting the tree-stand he was in broke and he ended up falling 20 feet.  “I broke my right ankle and shattered my L1 vertebrae.  After a long hospital stay and recovery period with no ability to shoot, it was almost like starting all over again.  I try to keep the concept of ‘having fun’ in mind when I am having difficult days shooting.

“I was, however, extremely fortunate to have been taught correct technique from the beginning.  I often see people get into archery and have problems being successful.  Archery is about hitting your target; usually, by both ensuring their setup is correct and offering a little education on the basics of bow shooting, you can have people hitting a target successfully.  This success will help keep them in the sport.  I enjoy helping people improve, which then helps them enjoy the sport more.”

When Michael isn’t competing, he enjoys gun hunting for deer, pheasants and waterfowl; working his German shorthaired pointers; reloading for rifles; working with trail cameras; bike riding; fishing; and just about anything else having to do with the outdoors.

Michael Anderson’s personal testimony regarding Mathews bows and Zebra strings:

“The main thing that has impressed me about Mathews bows is their dependability.  It doesn’t matter if it is a big whitetail or a major tournament; your bow has to be dependable.  With a Mathews, that is never a concern.  All you have to worry about is making the shot.  I have used Zebra and Barracuda strings exclusively for the past several years, and just like Mathews bows, they have never let me down.”


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Conquest® 4™