Pro Staff: Martin Damsbo

Martin Damsbo has been enjoying archery for the past 18 years.  He has competed Internationally  for the last 11 years.   Martin competes in the FITA Target Compound Men class.  When competing, his bow of choice is the Conquest 4  and the Conquest Apex.  When hunting, his bow of choice is the Mathews Monster.  Some of his most recent accomplishments include :

  • 2011¬†¬† European Team record ¬†3×72 arrows 50m 2103 points
  • 2011¬†¬† Danish record 50m 709 points
  • 2011¬†¬† Qualified for World Cup 6th
  • 2011 ¬†¬†WC 3 Mix Team Bronze Medal
  • 2011 ¬†¬†World Championship Team Silver
  • 2011¬†¬† WC 2 Silver medal team
  • 2011¬† ¬†WC 1 Silver Team medal
  • 2011¬† ¬†¬†European Indoor Team Gold Medal
  • 2011¬† ¬†¬†Las Vegas Silver in Championship division
  • 2010¬†¬†¬† World Cup 2 Antalia¬† Gold
  • 2010¬†¬†¬† World Cup 1 Croatia¬† 4th
  • 2010¬†¬†¬† World Indoor Archery Challenge Silver

Martin first got involved in the sport of archery because his next door neighbor introduced him to the sport at the age of 9.¬† Martin says that a lot of archers have been an inspiration to him, but he credits Niels Baldur of Denmark as having the biggest impact.¬† He says, “He taught me how to become a better archer. He is a top shooter himself, and now we are team mates.”¬† The biggest piece of advice he has for new archers is to “Have fun!”

Martin’s most memorable archery moment is when he won Face 2 Face in 2004 . It was his first big international win.


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Key Stats

Competitive Category:
Conquest 4
Conquest Apex