Pro Staff: Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson started bow-hunting in 1990.  He shot a few tournaments in the next few years, but did not pursue it aggressively.  However, in 1998, Mark started shooting competitively and winning a lot of state titles.  “In 1999 I shot in my first ASA Tournament in Open B.  In 2001, I moved into the Semi Pro class and shot there for 2 years before moving into the Men’s Open Pro class.”

Mark Thompson currently competes in the Men’s Open Pro class. His bow of choice for competition is the Conquest Apex.

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • 1998 – SCAA State Indoor Champion
  • 1999 – SCAA State Field Round Champion
  • 1999 – SCAA State Hunter Round Champion
  • 2000 – SCAA Stare 3-D Champion
  • 2000 – SCBA State 3-D Champion
  • 2000 – SCAA State Hunter Round Champion
  • 2001 – ASA State Federation 3-D Champion
  • 2001 – ASA Shooter of the Year – 7th Place (Semi Pro)
  • 2002 – IBO Southern Triple Crown 3rd Place (Semi Pro)
  • 2002 – ASA Shooter of the Year – 8th Place (Semi Pro)
  • 2002 – SCBA State 3-D Champion (Semi Pro)
  • 2003 & 2004 – Numerous ASA top 20 finishes (Pro)
  • 2005 – SCAA State Vegas Champion (Pro)

Mark credits JO Fuller as the most important person in his archery career.  “He made it possible for me to go and shoot at the national events in the beginning of my archery career.  If it weren’t for him, I truly believe that I would not be where I am today.”

His favorite part of competition is the shoot-down.  “When you make it to the shoot down, you know that you have shot your best!”  Mark exclaims.  But his favorite archery-related memory is when, “in Kansas, me and a friend of mine shot two giant bucks out of the same tree within 20 minutes of one another.”

To any new archers, Mark’s advice is to “focus on one shot at a time, never on the end result.”

When Mark is not competing he enjoys hunting, spending time with his family, and golfing.

The advice that Mark gives to new archers is, shoot to have fun and take archery to whatever level you desire.


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