Pro Staff: Louie Zannetakis

Born in Greece, Louie Zannetakis currently resides in Lordstown, OH and has spent 8 years as a professional shooter in the Senior Pro division.  He became involved in shooting professionally through a natural progression from over 25 years of hunting.  Though he hunts much, his favorite animal to hunt is definitely Elk.  “It’s because they’re a challenge!”  He exclaims.

He recently placed 5th in 2009 at the I.B.O. World Championship and explains that his most memorable archery moment was winning the 3rd leg of the Triple Crown in 2006.

He’s enjoyed shooting ever since he started, but his favorite part of the competition is making new friends that also enjoy archery.  Aside from building relationships with peers, he is also on the board of the local conservation club where he teaches new and old archers and helps terminally-ill youth every November to go out and harvest a deer.

When not hunting, teaching, or shooting, he also spends alot of time bicycling and being with his nephew and five grandchildren, whom he’s quite proud of.

Louie’s personal testimony to Mathews bows and Zebra strings:

“There’s no better bow than a Mathews!  And I love that Zebra strings just don’t stretch at all.  It’s the best equipment!”




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US National