Pro Staff: Kathy Butt

Kathy has been actively involved in the hunting industry for over two decades and her articles and photography have been published in many well-known archery publications such as Bowhunting World, Bow and Arrow Hunting, Petersen’s Bowhunting, etc…

Kathy and her husband, Foster Butt, have been in the professional taxidermy business in Madison, Tennessee since 1974 and registered New Mexico outfitters and guides for many years, now entering their 28th season of operating a fair-chase private land elk and mule deer camp in northern central New Mexico.  Wildlife Taxidermy & Huntin’ offers archery and rifle elk hunts, as well as archery and blackpowder hunts for mule deer. You can learn more about their hunting operation by visiting their website:    Kathy and Foster have two sons, Jeremy and Chris, both of whom are avid archery hunters. Their son Jeremy, is a minister and has three children, while Chris, partners with his dad in the taxidermy business, as well as being a freelance videographer and also guides each year for Foster and Kathy during the New Mexico elk and mule deer seasons.

Kathy enjoys hunting a variety of big game with her bow and has been blessed to have been successful in hunting elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, black bear, wild turkey and wild hogs with bow, but is quick to admit her all-time favorite big game animal to hunt with bow is by far… the elk.


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