Pro Staff: Junie OBrien

Junie has been competing in archery for the last 24 years and currently competes in the Semi-Professional division.  Junie trusts his Conquest 4 set at 62# 28 3/4″ Draw, Easton ACC 3-30 (363 Grains 281FPS),  with a Scott Longhorn 3 Release.  Junie’s most memorable archery moment is winning the Kentucky State Field Archery Championship twice.

Junie credits his  friend and pro shooter Evan Baize to having made the biggest impact on his archery career.  “He pushes me to practice andhelps me stay focused when we shoot together,” O’brien said.

When Junie is not competing he enjoys spending time with my family, ATV riding, fishing and shooting handguns.

Junie resides in Grayson, KY and enjoys hunting Whitetail deer to most.


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Key Stats

Competitive Category:
US National
Conquest® 4™