Pro Staff: Johnny Perhealth

“When I was a young kid,” Johnny says, “I would watch Cowboys and Indians on TV.  One day, I decided to try to make my own bow out of sticks and strings.  I bought my first recurve bow to hunt with when I was 18 years old, but then my brother and his friend bought a compound bow and I was able to buy one for myself when I was in my 20’s.  We all started hunting and then started competing against each other.  In my late 20’s, another friend of mine convinced me to enter into some archery tournaments, and I have been shooting ever since then!”

“Bill Locklear has had the biggest impact on my archery career; he was the individual that introduced me to the competitions and tournaments that I now compete in.  I owe it to him!”

Johnny competes in the Senior Pro division and shoots an Apex 7, Conquest 4, and a Monster 7.0.  He also owns an MR6 that he uses to bag white-tail deer.

Here are some of his recent accomplishments in archery:

  • 2009 – ASA Classic – 5th
  • 2007 – Florida ASA – 1st

Johnny always helps everyone around him as much as he can.  His desire is that anyone who wants to get into archery will have a good time doing it and will fall in love with it as he has.  “When I attend ASA tournaments, I always help out with the little kids.  I have also been to a couple of shows at outdoor stores to talk about archery.  I’m incredibly lucky to be able to shoot my bow while I am at work; and when customers stop by, they tend to ask questions and I love being able to share my knowledge of the equipment and sport of archery.  We have a lot of local people that enjoy hunting but just don’t know much about their equipment.  I seem to be the guy that they come to.  So if I’m not hunting or shooting my bow, I’m either working on someone else’s bow, or helping them learn to shoot.  It’s not a favor; it’s what I love to do.”

In the little spare time he has left over, Johnny enjoys Toyotas, fishing, and working in the yard.

Johnny Perhealth’s personal testimony regarding Mathews bows:

“Mathews Bows are definitely top of the line bows!  I have never held another brand of bow that feels or shoots as perfectly as a Mathews, and I never plan on experiencing another!”



Key Stats

Competitive Category:
Conquest® 4™