Pro Staff: Johnny Allred

Johnny Allred has been enjoying archery since the age of 12.  He has competed as a professional for over 20 years.  John Allred, a life long sportsman, born and raised in Tennessee, he was instilled with the passion of hunting and trapping by his father as a small child. This passion has never left him. The 2003-winning guide for the Tennessee Governors One Shot Turkey Hunt has many credits to his hunting and shooting abilities. He has been one of Tennessee’s top ranked outdoor archers. From elk to turkey, he successfully guides hunters for almost every North American species of big game. John was the big game guide for singer / sportsman Gary Morris on his number one rated outdoor show The North American Sportsman. John has harvested almost every species of small game and big game indigenous to the fifty states with archery equipment. John, and his wife Lisa, has instilled the art of hunting into their two daughters Brooke and Magen, both girls are avid hunters.  His bow of choice to hunt with is the MONSTER.

The advice that John gives to take a kid hunting with you, teaching a kid to shoot a bow and bow hunt will create a friend and hunting companion for the rest of your life. I can think of no better gift I ever received than the old recurve my dad gave me when I was a kid, and the time he spent showing me how to use it.

“When you hold a Mathews product there’s never any doubt that you are holding quality at it’s best! There’s nothing like the speed and smoothness of a Mathews bow. We spend so much time and effort waiting on that perfect moment to arrive. Don’t settle for anything less than less than the best when that moment happens!”

Johnny Allred
Mathews Pro Staff


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