Pro Staff: Jimmy Sites

Jimmy hosts the award winning national television and radio program Spiritual Outdoor Adventures. He hunts with his Mathews Heli m bow literally around the world and has harvested record book quality animals including cougar, bison, elk, whitetail deer, caribou, axis deer, turkey, bear and other species. Amazingly, all of these were captured on video tape. Jimmy speaks often to audiences across the country telling of his adventures and is always excited to introduce shooters to Mathews incredible line of bows.

Jimmy’s hobbies include archery, fly fishing, collecting Indian artifacts, playing guitar, writing and snow skiing.

After twenty years of participating in archery, what advice does Jimmy give to new archers? “Don’t get discouraged. Keep practicing. Always use the same anchor point. Seek out someone that has been shooting a long time and ask that person to help you. It will not be long until you will be shooting accurately. Have Fun!!!”


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