Pro Staff: Jennie Richardson

Jennie Richardson competes in the Women’s Pro Division with her Mathews Prestige. While hunting, she uses a Passion.

Jennie credits her archery coach Curtis Beverly, family, and all of the NASP (National Archery In the Schools Program) kids that rely on Jennie, as having made the biggest impact on her archery career.

Jennie got started in archery “completely by accident. Due to a serious shoulder injury, I went to the Tackle Spot in London, KY, in late September of 1997, and asked the owner Bill Stewart to set up a youth model bow so I be able to shoot it with my teeth.  He, his wife Bonnie, and his employee Ken Likens said that anyone who wanted to shoot that bad should get involved with target archery.  Four months later, I was attending local 3-D shoots with my new Mathew’s Ultra Max and winning!  In 1998 I shot in 4 national archery organizations events,  ASA, IBO, NFAA, and Cabela’s, and did great for my first year in archery.  It seems to me that this was a career move that God had planned.”

Some of Jennie’s more recent archery accomplishments include:

2010 IBO,  Pensacola 1st
2009 IBO,  Bedford 3rd
2009 Cover of the Kentucky Living Magazine    670,000 + subscriptions
2008 Cover of the Outdoor Life Magazine
2008 Cover of the US and International Archery Magazine
2008 ASA, Texas 4th
2007 ASA,  Classic 1st
2007 ASA,  Texas 1st
2006 ASA, Metropolis 1st

When Jennie is not competing, she enjoys hunting, fishing, photography, and introducing new people to archery. Jennie is the NASP coordinator in Kentucky and they are literally teaching hundreds of thousands of kids archery in the schools of Kentucky.

The advice that Jennie gives to new archers is to find a coach or mentor to provide assistance with form and shot execution.  Develop your shot execution without emphasis on hitting the bullseye.  Have fun and be positive.

Jennie Richardson’s personal testimony regarding Mathews bows and Zebra strings:

“Mathews bows are the most forgiving, durable, and consistent bows I have ever used.  With the traveling I do in my daily job and in going to National Tournaments, I don’t have to worry about my bows.  They are always ready and in top condition, regardless of the trip.  And with my Zebra strings, it’s all good!  Stretch, fatigue, wear?  No worries!  I can just shoot.”



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