Pro Staff: Guy Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald & Guy Fitzgerald are the Long Time Producers of Team Fitzgerald Outdoors TV, Video/ DVD Productions, Highly sought after Seminar Speakers, speaking to Thousands of people across the Nation, usually more than half the year, and Founders of the Popular Fitzgerald Hoss Buck Brand Product Line sold in stores across the nation.

Guy uses the Switchback to hunt with. When Guy is not hunting he enjoys Home Improvement, Woodworking, Muscle Car Restoration, Working Out, and Basketball.

Advice that you would give to a new archer: “Never stop realistically practicing for that moment of truth in the woods! Never stop scouting! Don’t believe everything you read, try things for yourself! Use common sense in the woods. In order to achieve maximum success, you must be as aggressive as you can be. Have fun, make memories, get kids involved, and make sure you or someone else consumes the meat of any animal you shoot, or else don’t shoot it!” – Guy Fitzgerald


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