Pro Staff: Emory Budzinski

Emory Budzinski competes in the Limited Pro class. His bows of choice in competition are the Conquest Apex for target shooting and the Conquest 3 for 3D.

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • 4 time NFAA National Champion
  • 2 Time NFAA Pro Points Champion
  • Multiple Wisconsin state Championships
  • NASP Level 2 Instructor

When Emory is not competing, he enjoys hunting, fishing and golfing. He also enjoys shooting with his wife and son, and spending time teaching people archery.

The advice that Emory gives to new archers is get the best equipment you can and spend the time practicing. Ask any pro that you can for advice and use what works for you.

When asked to describe Emory’s most memorable archery moment, he said, “Winning the limited class at the Mathews invitational II, getting the Arctic Cat Prowler, and getting to shoot off for the new truck.  What made it even better was that my 13 year old son was there with me the whole time, watching me shoot.”

When asked who has made the largest impact on Emory’s career, he said, “My Wife. Because of her support and encouragement, I am a better archer.”

To keep focused while competing, Emory tries to not worry about his shots until he actually steps up to the line.  He then mentally goes through his shot process and focuses on the target. “If I shoot a bad shot, I tell myself it is gone and I can not do anything about it; and then I move on to the next shot.”


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