Pro Staff: Eddie Claypool

Eddie Claypool has been an archer for 35+ years.  He has also been an outdoor writer for the past 10 years, having more than 200 articles published in the likes of Bowhunter, Bow & Arrow Hunting, Buckmasters and Petersens Bowhunting magazines.  He is currently serving as a field editor for Petersens Bowhunting, and as a monthly columnist for the internet publication “Guide Outdoors.”

Eddie has taken 60+ record-class animals, consisting mainly of whitetail and mule deer, elk and antelope.  All his trophies have been self-guided, with the lions share coming from public lands.  “I’m the epitome of America’s blue-collar bowhunter.  When afield, Mathews bows have helped me to be the best bowhunter that I can be,” says Eddie.  Eddie’s current bow of choice is the Z7.

When not bowhunting, Eddie enjoys fishing, backpacking and photography.

The advice that Eddie gives new archers is to “have fun and simply enjoy — and respect — God’s great Creation….. Jesus Is Life!        


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