Pro Staff: Duncan Busby

Duncan Busby has been enjoying archery for the past 16 years. He competes in the Compound Unlimited class. His bows of choice are the Conquest Apex 7, Conquest 4 and the Conquest Apex 8. He first got involved in the sport of archery when he started shooting through school. He soon found that he had a natural skill for it and an enjoyment of the sport. He then started shooting some local target tournaments and fast progressed on to shooting on the county, regional and then national teams, first as a junior then as a senior. Duncan says that his fiance as made the biggest impact on his career. She gives him the self belief and has supported him through all the tough bits and has kept him focused. Some of his most recent successes include:

  • 2011 National  Series legs 2,3,and 4    1st place
  • 2011 British target champs  1st place
  • 2011 World Cup stage 1  9th place
  • 2010 Commonwealth Games 1st place , Team Gold
  • 2010 British Target rankings 1st place
  • 2010 National Series Final  3rd place
  • 2010 World Cup stage 4  Team Silver
  • 2010 World Cup Stage 2 Team Bronze
  • 2010 British Target Champs   1st place


The advice that Duncan gives to new archers is “Decide what you want out of archery, keep focused on this goal and work hard towards achieving it, never forget to keep challenging yourself but above all enjoy your sport” When he is not competing, Duncan enjoys swimming, mountain biking and cooking. He likes to relax by spending time with his family.

Duncan’s most memorable archery moment is winning the Commonwealth Games.


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  • Duncan and Emma at AGBNS final 2010
  • Duncan at The Commonwealth Games
  • Duncan Busby
  • Duncan at British Target Championships 2012
  • Awards 14/7/2012

Key Stats

Competitive Category:
Conquest® 4™