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Dan Fitzgerald & Guy Fitzgerald are the Long Time Producers of Team Fitzgerald Outdoors TV, Video/ DVD Productions, Highly sought after Seminar Speakers, speaking to Thousands of people across the Nation, usually more than half the year, and Founders of the Popular Fitzgerald Hoss Buck Brand Product Line sold in stores across the nation.

Dan & Guy are Leaders in Outdoor TV/Video/DVD Productions in the world today! Together, they have produced over Fifty Full-Length Titles to date. Their Award-Winning Title, Passing Through!, is one of the most recognized bowhunting videos of all time! It has, and is still being enjoyed by Multitudes of bowhunters World-Wide! With vast numbers of Video/DVD productions still in circulation, and being sold every year, Dan and Guy are recognized by bowhunters abroad as ‘America’s Father/Son Instinctive Bowhunting Team’. Their unique styles of shooting (they successfully shoot the Mathews Switchbacks, Instinctively, with Fingers) and their no-nonsense, over the shoulder footage, reality take on bowhunting, has placed them as relatable favorites in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of hunters across the nation!

Team Fitzgerald Outdoors TV, a National Program aired Three Times Per Week on The Outdoor Channel, is their Award Winning, Fan Favorite Show focused on bringing Quality Family Outdoor Entertainment to the Outdoor World! With Millions of dedicated viewers Nationwide, and with the strong support of one of the Most Prestigious & Highest Quality Lineup of Sponsors, the TV Series has taken the outdoor industry by storm, literally changing the face of outdoor programming in its entirety! “We give all the thanks to the Good Lord and to our dedicated, extremely loyal Fans and Sponsors for their belief and support in what we have stood for over the many years!”, comments Guy.

Dan Fitzgerald is a Living Legend in the Bowhunting Realm. Having Pursued Game With A Bow, Instinctively, For Over 50 Years, he is one of very few Professional Outdoorsmen to have made a full time living, exclusively in the outdoors. It has been said that he has taken more animals on film than any other Bowhunter. Considered by most to be the Modern Day Hunting Entertainment Video Pioneer, he has been an important factor in the helping and/or inspiration of many of today’s outdoor producers!

Guy Fitzgerald is rapidly rising to Legendary status along-side Dan, as he has 21 years of Documented and Filmed Experience in the outdoors. Having taken game in more than 25 Full Length Productions and Several Years Of TV Shows, Guy is a proven Authority on Successful Bowhunting! Every hunting and fishing trip Guy has ever gone on has been filmed and documented! With Hundreds of Animals to his credit, including World Class Black Bear, Caribou, and numerous Whitetail Bucks, Guy is, along with Dan a Totally Instinctive Shooter, and one of very few Professional Outdoorsmen to have made a full time living, exclusively in the outdoors. Guy is now happily married to his high school sweetheart and runs the daily operations as President of Fitzgerald Hunting Enterprises Inc., a family company Dan founded in the Seventies.

Probably the most important thing of all is the fact that Dan & Guy have helped and inspired many thousands of people to pick up a bow and a pole and get started hunting and fishing! Their high energy, genuine, enthusiastic attitudes continue to inspire and educate folks all over the country daily!

Together, Dan Fitzgerald & Guy Fitzgerald are the most Action Packed and Entertaining Father/Son Team in the World of Hunting! They bring to life a fast paced, everyman, roll up your sleeves and go hunting attitude! To Dan & Guy, hunting is not just for sport, it’s a way of life, it’s a means of survival!

Dan uses the Switchback in the field.

Dans hobbies include: Home Improvement, Classic Tractor Collecting, Woodworking, Muscle Cars.


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