Pro Staff: Curt Wells

Curt Wells began his writing career in 1971 with an outdoor column in his high school newspaper. Ten years later he started a Sunday column for the Wahpeton Daily News, which progressed to articles in national publications, and then a weekly column called “View From The Dakotas” for Minnesota’s Outdoor News in 1988 and that continues today.

In 1997 Wells was named a Contributing Writer at Bowhunter Magazine and in 2003 was promoted to Field Editor/Equipment. Wells is also heavily involved with Bowhunter Magazine TV, writing scripts and appearing on camera both in the studio and the field. Wells left his “real” job and became a full-time outdoor writer in July, 2006. He has written for such publications as Outdoor Life, Harris Publications, North American Whitetail, Petersen’s Bowhunting, and Bowhunting World.

In January of 2011, Curt replaced long-time Bowhunter editor Dwight Schuh and is also the co-host of Bowhunter TV, an outdoor show that appears on the Sportsman Channel.


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