Pro Staff: Brett Nelson

“My wife bought me my first bow when we started dating.  I started bow hunting after that point and loved it.  Then I had some friends that took me to my first 3-D shoot about 5 years later, and I was hooked.  I have met some of the best people around the country that have turned into great friends, and all because of archery!”

Brett shoots in the Semi-Pro circuit and uses a Conquest 4 and Z7 Xtreme.  He says that when he first started, he really looked up to Jeff Hopkins.  “We started to talk about hunting at an IBO shoot one year, and then that next year, he was staying at my house hunting Kansas whitetail.  But there have been a lot of people that have helped me along the way to get to where I am today: Derek Phillips, Michael Braden, Curtis Beverly, and of course my wife Kelli.”

Brett’s a very competitive person but he still “enjoy(s) shooting with and meeting new people.  To any new archers, don’t give up.  Some days are very frustrating.  Just don’t get down on yourself.  There will always be another day, so just learn from both your good and bad shots, and that will take you as far as you want to go in this sport.”

When not competing, Brett spends a lot of time with younger and newer archers.  He talks them through the basics of starting, and if they seem interested, will go into some more advanced techniques.  He’s also starting a Centershot program in his home church and enjoys hunting elk and spending time in the mountains.  His favorite hunt, however, would be whitetail deer because “you never know what’s right around the corner where I hunt.  It could be the buck of a lifetime!”

Aside from archery-related endeavors, he also loves to play golf and spend time with family, friends, and his little girl Kenlea.

Brett Nelson’s personal testimony regarding Mathews bows and Zebra strings:

“I have been shooting Mathews bows since 1999 and have never been disappointed.  They are a company above all others.  They make a great product and have great family and religious values, and so I have always been and will always be a dedicated Mathews archer!  I have also tried other custom string companies, but I always come back to the Zebra strings.  I have never had any issues with the Zebra strings on any of the bows that I’ve had.”


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Key Stats

Competitive Category:
US National
Conquest® 4™