Pro Staff: Braden Gellenthien

I’ve been shooting in the Pro class for 8 years.  For FITA, that’s the Senior Male Compound division and for NFAA tournaments it’s the Compound Unlimited class.

The first time that I ever shot archery was at a Cub Scout camp. I wasn’t very good, but I had a lot of fun shooting.  After the camp was over, I went home and asked my parents for a bow.  Luckily, my father thought archery sounded pretty fun and it became something we did together on weekends.

Recently, I set a new world record for the 12 arrow matches in FITA.  Also, I just won the first annual Indoor World Archery Challenge in Las Vegas.  It was a wonderful experience to shoot a match play event in a home-atmosphere.  Almost every FITA tournament that I have shot in as a member of the USA team has been in a foreign country with the crowd rooting against us.  It was really an amazing feeling to have almost the entire crowd cheering you on and wanting you to win.  The feeling that I get when I’m representing my country to my fullest ability is what keeps me coming back for more.  That moment of excitement and fun is the reason that I shoot.  It’s like nothing else I’ve ever felt.

I’ve shot the Conquest 4 with minimax cams for indoor season and this bow has been nothing short of spectacular.  This bow was the easiest bow I’ve ever seen in terms of set up and it aims like a dream.  Not only does this bow aim incredibly, but it hits behind the pin every time.  What more can you ask for?

For outdoors, I’m going to begin the season with the Conquest 4, but I have plans of working the Monster 7 in as my main bow as the season progresses.  Such a smooth drawing speed bow really has my interest peaked and I can’t wait to see what I can do with it on the FITA field.

I’ve just started hunting in the last few years and that trophy buck is still eluding me.  I’ve been able to harvest my fair share of does and passed on several whitetail bucks in the 100-120 range but want to make my first buck really memorable.  For me, hunting is more about the thrill of being outdoors and going undetected as a herd of deer walks 20 feet below me.  I’m looking forward to spending more time in the woods in the upcoming seasons and both finally getting that trophy buck and also getting after some new animals!


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Conquest® 4™