Pro Staff: Bill McCall

Bill McCall got involved in shooting professionally after competing in his first 3d archery tournament in the desire to become a better hunter.  “My wife, unknown to me,” says Bill, “had signed me up for the IBO World in 1992, which fell on the last few days of our honeymoon.  She has supported me ever since!”

Bill shoots a Conquest Triumph, Monster 7.0, and an MR6.  He competes in the Open Pro division and is in love with archery.  Bill says that, “archery is a family sport that people of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and ages can enjoy.  Have fun and practice often!”

Here are some of Bill’s recent archery accomplishments:

  • 2011 – Augusta, GA ASA – 3rd
  • 2011 – Metropolis, IL ASA – 3rd
  • 2010 – 2nd leg of IBO triple crown-McKean, PA – 6th place
  • 2010 – 3rd leg of IBO Southern Triple Crown-Rome, GA – 6th place
  • 2010 – January: harvested 10pt. scoring 157” in Illinois on film after a beautiful snow!
  • 2009 – September: Shot my first elk ever.  It was a 358” 6X6 and got it on film as well!
  • 2009 – ASA-Metropolis, IL – 6th place
  • 2009 – ASA-London, KY – 7th place
  • 2009 – 1st leg IBO triple crown-Bedford, IN – 9th place
  • 2009 – January: harvested an 8pt. scoring 151” on film. – 9th place
  • 2008 – ASA-London, KY – 9th place
  • 2008 – November: Shot 164” 10 pt. in Kansas on film
  • 2007 – ASA-London, KY (2007-ended season in 6th place for shooter of the year) – 3rd place

Bill has also started a TV show entitled Full Draw Adventures, which airs on Direct TV channel 608.  Full Draw Adventures shows hunting and tournament action.  The goal of this show is to illustrate how the pressure of 3D tournaments helps to prepare hunters for “the pressure of those last few seconds when you come to full draw on a live animal.”  Full Draw Adventures tells the archery stories, both tournament and hunting, of Mathews shooters young and old.  The show’s website also allows people to inquire about 3D tournaments and hunting advice from the top Mathews archers.

In Bill’s downtime, he enjoys basketball, camping, and spending time with his family.  His most memorable archery moment was filming his 11-year-old son, Hunter, harvesting his first buck with a bow.  “It turned out to be an upper 130, 9pt.!  Memorable doesn’t even begin to describe that moment!”

Bill McCall’s personal testimony regarding Mathews bows and Zebra strings:

“In 12 years of shooting a Mathews bow, I have never had one warranty issue.  I have killed numerous Pope and Young animals.  I have travelled and used them in all manner of weather, in the most adverse conditions, and my Mathews bows have always performed flawlessly.  And Zebra bowstrings are the best strings on the market!”


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  • Billy 2010 Colorado elk
  • Billy 2010 Illinois buck
  • Bill McCall Shooting 6
  • Bill McCall Shooting 3

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