Pro Staff: Bill Lewis

Bill Lewis has been enjoying archery for 13 years. He competes in the Semi-Pro class. His bow of choice for competition is the Conquest Triumph and his bow of choice when hunting is the Z7.  Some of his most recent accomplishments include:

    • 2010 – IL ASA – 3rd
    • 2010 – NFAA Unmarked 3D National Championship – 5th
    • 2010 – WAF Dakota Classic – 7th
    • 2009 – Primos ProStaffer of the Year – 1st
    • 2009 – NFAA Unmarked 3D National Championship – 2nd
    • 2009 – IFAA World Bowhunter Championship – 2nd
    • 2008 – NFAA Unmarked 3D National Championship – 4th
    • 2008 – WAF 40yd Target, Las Vegas, NV – 1st
    • 2008 – WAF 40yd Target, Louisville, KY – 1st

      Helped coordinate two Sportsmen’s Quest/Cabela’s Nebraska Championship tournaments.

      Completed NFAA/NAA/NASP Level 2 training and taught at the initial Nebraska NASP training session. Also taught his first NFAA Days class.

      When Bill is not competing he enjoys hunting turkey and deer.

      The advice that Bill gives to new archers is go to a pro shop to get set up and get the best equipment that you can. Join an archery club to get involved in the sport and for help and fellowship. Take lessons from a certified instructor. Start using a back tension release as soon as possible (with assistance from a coach). Use indoor target archery to improve your form and hunting accuracy and use 3D archery to help with your hunting yardage and arrow placement.


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      Key Stats

      Competitive Category:
      US National