Pro Staff: Babe Winkelman

Most people know Babe Winkelman as a world-class fisherman. However, his enthusiasm for the outdoors doesn’t end on the water. Prior to hosting
“Good Fishing,” Babe spent several years guiding as well as competing in competitive fishing tournaments. In 1980, Winkleman started his television
career as the host of “Good Fishing,” one of America’s most-watched fishing shows ever. Today, Babe hosts his highly popular “Outdoor Secrets” television show which highlights his hunting adventures that take him all over the world.

In 1992, Babe was inducted into the highly prestigious “Sports Legends Hall of Fame” of Cloumbus, Ohio; an honor given to some of the world’s best athletes in baseball, football, boxing, etc. He is the only outdoors figure to be so honored before or since. He was also inducted into the “Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame” in 1988 as well as the “Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame” in 2001. Babe earned the “Excellence In Craft” award in 2007 from the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Babe has not only spoken before American Presidents, he has also rubbed elbows with some of Hollywood biggest stars.


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