Pro Staff: Ann Marie Holowiak

Many get started in archery because it’s a family tradition.  Their parents do it, and so they do it.  Ann Marie Holowiak is no exception.  She came from a family of hunters, so archery was just a natural part of her upbringing.

“My dad was the first to put a bow in my hand.  He has been my biggest supporter since the start of my archery career, and I can still see that glimmer in his eyes that tells me he’s still proud of me no matter what.  That makes all the difference in the world.”

Her favorite part of competition is the excitement felt while getting ready in the morning for a tournament.  “But archery in general is just so much fun,” she say. “Although challenging, it becomes an addiction.  Once you try it, you will be hooked.  It will become a sport you can enjoy for a lifetime.  For all of you new archers, just remember that everyone needs to practice, no matter what level you are at.  Your ultimate goal will take hard work and determination.  All aspects of archery need to be focused on, from consistent form, to execution and follow-through.  Working on yardage is very important, so spend a lot of time judging from all different kinds of terrain at unknown distances.  Checking yourself with a range finder will help you improve your ability to judge.  But most of all just have fun and grow in the sport!”

She competes in the Pro Female division and shoots both an MR6 and a Z7 Xtreme.  Here are some of her recent accomplishments as a professional archer:

  • 2011 – I.B.O. National Triple Crown Pro-Team – 3rd
  • 2011 – Competed in all three legs of the I.B.O. National Triple Crown
  • 2011 – I.B.O. National Triple Crown Overall Standing – 13th
  • 2011 – I.B.O. World Championship – 11th
  • 2010 – Northeast Indoor IBO World Championship – 1st
  • 2010 – IBO National Triple Crown Overall Standings – 9th
  • 2010 – IBO World Championship – 12th
  • 2004 & 2005 – Northeast Indoor World Championships – 1st Place Pro
  • 2003 & 2004 – Member of 3rd Place National Triple Crown Pro Team
  • 2002 – Member of 1st Place National Triple Crown Pro Team
  • Former IBO World and National Champion

When not competing professionally, Ann tries to participate in as many local club events as she can. “I like to shoot with new archers and give them tips on form and practice regimens,” she says. “It’s a lot of fun seeing the excitement in their faces after they shoot their first arrow.”

She also donates time as a Bow Hunting Educator for her state, NY.  “I get to meet a lot of new bow-hunters who not only have a desire to hunt, but also have an interest in 3-D archery for practice.  This is great because it enables me to show them Mathews’ products and recommend a quality pro shop to help them make a selection.  There is no greater reward than having one of my former students share stories of their successful bow seasons with me.”

In her free time, Ann loves hiking, scouting for antler sheds after the winter, and fishing and photographing wildlife.

Ann Marie Holowiak’s personal testimony regarding Mathews bows and Zebra strings:

“Mathews bows are top quality.  Shoot one and you will be pleased.  They’re easy to draw, quiet, have no recoil, and are fast!  They’re the complete package right out of the box.  Just add your rest and sight, and the rest is up to you.  Mathews bows are built to last and will be sure to give you many great memories.  Zebra strings won’t let you down.  My bows are shot in all kinds of weather conditions and my strings have never been a concern.  They are built to last and show no visible signs of wear or stretch.  With Zebra strings, I have no worries!”


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