Pro Staff: Amy Wenmoth

Amy Wenmoth’s love of archery started when her parents gave her a hot-pink bow for her 12th birthday.  She now competes in the Women’s Pro Division with her Mathews Prestige.

When asked who has made the biggest impact on Amy’s archery career, she said, “My father introduced me to the sport as a young girl. He taught me the fundamentals of archery and instilled in me the thrill of competition and the importance of sportsmanship. I attribute much of my success to his patience, support, and commitment.”

To all archers looking to break into the archery scene, Amy’s personal testimony is one to surely inspire you.  “My most memorable archery moment was in 2008 when I won the IBO World Championship as a rookie pro. The scores were very close during the final 10 target shoot-off. Going into the last target, I was tied for first place and shot an 11 to win the tournament. It was a surreal experience and a goal I didn’t know if I would ever meet, let alone as a rookie!”

“My goals are to always shoot my best, enjoy the experience, and promote this sport, which I love,” says Amy.  “If these things happen, I think I’ll find great success.”


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