Pro Staff: Jason Hale

“A group of friends from our home town would take a trip together every year to Las Vegas.  In 2007 we heard that a local guy some of our friends went to school with was shooting in some archery tournament in Vegas.  I now know it as the World Archery Festival.  We decided to book our trip the same time as the tournament to watch this local guy (Darrin Christenberry) shoot in it.  That year he finished THIRD! I thought it looked like a lot of fun, so I told my wife on the plane ride home that I was going to give the sport a try.  Now I am hooked!  Darrin Christenberry is now one of my closest friends and we take an annual trip together every February.”

Jason shoots a Conquest Apex 7 and a Monster 7.0 and competes in the Semi-Pro division.  Here are some of his recent accomplishments:

  • 2009 – ASA Classic (Open A) – 3rd
  • 2010 – ASA Florida (Semi-Pro) – 9th
  • 2011 – ASA Augusta – (Semi-Pro) – 7th

Jason credits Darrin Christenberry, Pudge Richardson, and Mike Maskell as being the three most influential men in his archery career.  His favorite part of it all has been meeting all the new people who have become his friends over the years.  “I literally have met people from all around the world and stay in touch with many of them throughout the year!”

To any new archers, Jason says that “if you truly want to improve your shot, work on improving every shot you fire!  Don’t just shoot your bow to fling arrows.  Be aware of every shot and try to make the next better than the last; but always have fun and don’t ever take it too seriously.  It IS possible to work on improving your game and still have fun!”

Jason helps to run the indoor leagues at the local shop where he shoots, and he also spends as much time as possible at the shop in the off season, helping new archers, young and old, as much as he can.  He mentors his two nephews in the sport as well.  “Both shoot Mathews bows, of course!”  Jason exclaims.

In his spare time, Jason says that he is very active in his local community.  He is a seven year member of the local school board, cut’s grass for extra spending money (mostly for archery gear), helps his wife with her part time catering business, and also holds season tickets with his brother-in-law for the Indianapolis Colts.

Jason’s greatest memory during his entire archery career was harvesting his first deer.  “The adrenaline rush was so strong I could barely see straight.  It was a 15 yard shot and I nearly missed the deer!  It was unbelievable!”

Jason Hale’s personal testimony regarding Mathews bows:

“I have shot Mathews bows since I started competing in 2007.  I have never had an equipment failure in any tournament or hunting situation.  Mathews bows are the best on the planet and I cannot picture myself shooting anything else!”


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