Pro Staff: Galen Shinkle

 Often referred to as “The Modern Day Robin Hood,” North Georgia’s Galen Shinkle couples his self-taught archery skills with interesting tricks to entertain and amaze audiences across North America.

Shinkle first picked up a recurve bow at the age of 30 and began a love affair with marksmanship which led to his winning the Florida State Championship within only six weeks.

Retiring from competition, Shinkle continued to hone his skills at the behest of Jesse Morehead. Deciding to become a trick-shot artist after receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from his performance at a show for Ringold, Georgia’s Rotary Club, Shinkle continues to amaze crowds to this day.

Shinkle displays skills which amaze onlookers, skills which earned him a spot in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, after hitting the bull’s eye in a six inch white disk while suspended upside down, swinging like a pendulum from the extraordinary teeth of world record holder, Joe Ponder – in 60 seconds.

Shinkle has “Robin Hooded” 85 set of arrows on his way to a goal of 100 before he retires from trick shooting.

He can consistently strike the bull’s eye while lying on his stomach and shooting behind his back.

Shinkle brought his talents to Ringold’s local viewing audience, hosting UCTV Channel 22’s “The Georgia Sportsman,” hunting a variety of wildlife, but his favorite remains the cunning challenge of the white-tailed deer.

When not entertaining or hunting, Shinkle also enjoys golf, fishing and wood working.

Dependable, accurate and forgiving is how Shinkle describes Mathews’ bows. Having shot every model of Mathews’ bows, Shinkle is a firm believer in their quality.

“And now, Matt has outdone himself with 2012’s new Hēlim,” says Shinkle. “It is smoother, quieter and faster, and I like the Dead End String Stop LiteTM.”

Shinkle also says Matthews’ Zebra Bowstrings are more resilient, longer lasting and display less elasticity during extended use. And this is important for Shinkle during his rigorous practice sessions.

“I begin practicing by shooting five arrows, closing my eyes for two seconds before each shot, pulling the trigger and then keeping my eyes closed for eight to ten seconds after each shot,” explains Shinkle. “This puts me in the right rhythm, so my shooting is perfect.”

“I am proud to represent the number one bow company in the world, which is Mathews.”


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