Pro Staff: Crystal Gauvin

Professionally, Crystal Gauvin has been shooting bows professionally for six months and has been using Mathews Chill. Garvin loves that archery is truly a sport for everyone. She says “I love that there is always something to strive for, regardless of what level you are at, whether that is hitting a new personal high score, winning a local tournament, getting on the podium nationally or setting a world record. For me archery began as a simple stress reliever, but it quickly turned into a great outlet for my competitive side.” Gauvin has had many accomplishments in the professional world of archery. In 2013, she placed 1st at the Indoor World Cup, Stage 1 as well as placing 2nd at the Indoor World Cup finals in 2014.
Gauvins experience with Mathews bows has only been spectacular. “From the dead after shot feel of the Chill, to the excellent hold and easy tuning of the Apex 7, to the forgiveness of the C4, each Mathews bow I’ve shot has allowed me to successfully do the job at hand,” Gauvin says. She has also had success using the Zebra bowstrings believing that ” they were developed with the competitive archer in mind, with significant time and research invested in the
technology behind the strings.”
Aside from archery, Gauvin is competitive in all sports. Swimming, has always been one of her favorite sports but also enjoys mountain biking and cyclocross. When she is at home, Gauvin loves baking, and her friends are always begging her to open up a bakery.
All in all, Gauvins Motto in life is “Quiet the mind, stay strong, let go.”

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