Pro Staff: Adam Ravenscroft

Adam has been enjoying archery for the last 16 years. He has been shooting in FITA target and FITA field for the past 10 years. When competing Adam’s bows of choice are Conquest Apex 7 and MR7.

Some of Adam’s most recent accomplishments are:

  • 2010  Qualified for 2011 GB shoot offs
  • 2010  UK back to back 1st
  • 2011   UK Masters
  • 2011   UK National series 2nd
  • 2011  qualified for 2012 GB shoot offs


Adam got involved in archery when he was invited to a have-a-go session. He has been hooked ever since. The biggest impact on his archery career has been good friends and coaches. Also the Bowflights Archery Club and Meriden Archery Club have made an impact. Archery is Adams passion, after a long day at work he loves to go down to the practice range and shoot as it relieves the stress from the day. His favorite part of competition is the good friends from around the world that he would have not met if he was not competing. Adams advice to new archers, “Enjoy it! The arrows are not always going to go in the right place, but if you enjoy it, you will work harder at it and spend more time at it and eventually you will reach an ability that you will be happy with whether it is at an archery club or an international shoot for your country”. Adam is involved in coaching beginning archers. He enjoys archery so much that he likes to show others how even a small achievement is a milestone. He has also participated in coaching special needs children.  Adam says “the smiles on their faces when they hit the target is inspiring and taught me to be grateful of even the smallest achievements “. Other interests of Adam include power kiting and motor bikes, however he has given these up to focus on his passion, archery.  The most memorable moment for Adam so far has been winning the UK back to back.

“Aim for the sky. Even if you miss you will land among the stars!”

Always practice with and objective and reward yourself when you succeed.


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