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“TOPO” Maps

I use to think that odd-looking “TOPO” maps were just a waste of time. I mean, all I really cared about was finding the hottest sign and throwing up a stand somewhere nearby.

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Eliminating a few pins

I’ve never understood the need to complicate bow shots from a treestand by carrying 5 or more pins in my sight housing. Sure, that many aiming points may have their place where shooting distances run the gamut, but bowhunting whitetails from above ground is not one of them.

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Positive and Negative

When using the lay of the land as a guide for stand placement, whether you’re in an entirely new spot or on very familiar hunting ground, the first thing you need to do is realize that there are 2 types of terrain features….Positive and Negative.

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Always keep a rangefinder handy

No matter what type of hunting you are engaged in you should always keep a rangefinder handy. While treestand hunting, they are a great tool to help you establish landmarks that coincide with particular yardages.

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Accurate broadhead

No matter what broadhead you choose, make sure that it is accurate. That may sound like elementary advice, but I am constantly amazed at the number of bowhunters who fail to test shoot their broadheads before opening day.

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Use a peep sight with a large opening

When hunting older-class whitetails you should expect some shot opportunities to occur at first and last light. Outside of the rut, most mature bucks don’t make a habit out of cruising during daylight hours. Your whitetail bow should be set up to deal with this inevitable fact. The best way to do that is to use a peep sight with a large opening.

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Don’t get caught up in the speed craze

Speed kills. There is no arguing that fact. However, don’t get caught up in the speed craze to the point that you choose arrows that are a little too weak for your set up;

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Remain under the whitetails radar

While looking for a place to hang your scouting camera, look for heavily used trails leading to pinch points that choke deer movement into a confined area; increasing the likelihood that you will capture useful images.

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Aspire to increase your fitness level

In addition to profiting medically, there are numerous reasons why the serious bowhunter should aspire to increase their fitness level.

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