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Tip #104

“Packing a backpack can be a nightmare. Keep things dry and conserve space by putting your items in a Foodsaver freezer bag. An extra dry t-shirt, toiletries, and matches can come in awful handy if you find yourself in the woods over night or just plain cold.”

Tip #103

“Mosquito Madness? When you absolutely need SOMETHING so you are not swinging your arms frantically at the bugs try a small meshed bug suit with a hood that has black mesh at the face (it is easier to see through) Avoid smelly sprays that will be detected by game and are not good for your skin.  A good bug suit will keep the bugs at bay and help you to sit longer. Remember Swatting hands = Unfilled tag.”

Tip #105

“Hunting closet over stuffed? At the end of the season categorize your hunting clothes by warm to cold weather clothing and store them in Space Bags. You will be amazed at how much room you will have in your closet after your “Puffy” clothes have been “sucked down” and stored. Bonus- this also helps to keep them from absorbing all kinds of scent the rest of the year.”


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