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Tip #100

“If deer are detecting the flash or noise of your scouting camera, place it about 10 feet off the ground and angle it down. You won’t get as much coverage, but the camera will go undetected far more often.”

Tip #13

“Hunting ultimately isn’t supposed to be about scoring the largest rack. It’s supposed to be about having fun. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself that it drains the fun from hunting.”

Tip #16

“Food sources and patterns change throughout the season. Change your hunting tactics and stand placements with them to be in bucks from the opener to the close.”

Tip #78

“If you want to defeat a big-game animal’s sense of smell, remember to treat every single item brought into the woods. For example, if you use a strap-style release, consider buying two identical releases. Use one just for hunting and the other forpractice. This provides a spare, and the hunting only release will be easier to keep odor free.”

Tip #98

“The best snort-wheeze call on the market is the one that everyone already owns. Simply pinch your lower lip to your upper teeth and exhale two short bursts of air followed by a third drawn out burst.”

Tip #8

“Be creative. When a climbing stand won’t work, use a hang-on. When a tree isn’t suitable for a hang-on, go with a ladder or tripod. If that won’t work, try a pop-up blind. If all else fails, sit on the ground by some cover and don’t move.”


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