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Tip #110

How to Score Your Big Buck or Elk with Stan Potts

Stan Potts, Host of Dominant Bucks, shows you how to score.

Tip #32

“I like to place my decoy 20 to 25 yards out in an open field in front of me and quarter the decoy toward my position. Normally when a buck comes in to a buck decoy he tries to circle downwind of the decoy and approach its head. This places the buck between me and the decoy.”

Tip #33

“I try never to shoot a walking buck. So once I come to full draw, am in position for the shot and the deer is where I want him to be I will give a soft grunt or bleat with my mouth. I prefer a soft grunt initially.”

Tip #57

“Always be sure to tune your broadheads so they fly exactly like your field points. The broadhead should spin perfectly with no wobble. If it doesn’t, rotate the insert inside the arrow shaft slightly and spin again.”

Tip #82

“Try hanging your stand on the back side of the tree from where you think the buck will come. You can draw your bow behind the trunk of the tree and stay hidden until the last minute when it is time for the shot.”


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